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  • What does he know about health, a fat German, looking lager beer and talking sauer-kraut?
  • So it is that when a man's body is a wreck he begins, for the first time, to talk about health.
  • He wants his breakfast, he very much wants to know where his boots are, and he has the usually sinister preoccupations about health and finance.
  • The book is a good one, I think, as any book is, that notes down facts alone, especially about health.
  • People everywhere are thinking about health, and because of this, Christian Science, the Emmanuel Movement and the various sects which practise faith or mental healing have sprung up.
  • I may add that I think it a pity to lavish indulgence--privileges--upon a sick child, for two reasons;--that such indulgence is no real comfort or compensation to the suffering child, who is too ill to enjoy it: and that it is witnessed by others, and remembered by the patient himself when he has forgotten his pain, so as to cause sickness to be regarded as a state of privilege; a persuasion likely to lead to fancies about health, and an exaggeration of ailments.
  • "Egypt is your place," said Calvert; "one of those nice villas on the sea slope of Alexandretta, with the palm-trees and the cedars to keep off the sun;" and seating himself by her side in an easy familiar way, devoid of all excess of freedom, talked to her about health and sickness in a fashion that is very pleasant to the ears of suffering.
  • 'Only Sunday restlessness,' said Miss Mohun, 'added to the reckless folly of the "Bachfisch" about health.'

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  • There could be no question about health.
  • This shows how much the people know about health.
  • It spoke about health, a good time and good board.
  • "I'm very ignorant about--about health, and medicine and the like.
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