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  • In fact, the doctor was learning a good deal about human nature in cloudy weather.
  • I have learned lessons about human nature during that period which I never knew before.
  • Watch one of this kind yelling on a racecourse in tearful and foul-mouthed rage and you will have a few queer thoughts about human nature.
  • He tries to give you, as far as he knows it, the whole truth about human nature; the good and the evil of his characters are both practical.
  • I am rather keen about human nature, my dear, and it occurs to me that even though you do cook, you may have a love and longing for the beautiful.
  • Notions about human rights and the liberty of Parliament did not obstruct Calvert's career.
  • Our beliefs about human nature in individuals (psychology) and in masses (sociology) are still very largely of a purely empirical sort.
  • It was all like a stage story, he felt, and he thought long about the Clarks, whom he had known for two generations and about human fate generally.
  • In the best literature we find truth about the world, about human nature; and hence, if children read that, they read what their experience will verify.
  • In the absence of all scientific data, we should, therefore, guard against accepting as an established fact about human nature a doctrine that we might expect to find in use as a means of social control.
  • Stories are current of the number of persons "put out of the way" before he attained his present rank for the second time, and it is not "Bakhtiari custom" to be over-scrupulous about human life.
  • We are now contending, not so much with the slaveholders of the South about human rights, as with the political and commercial aristocracy of the North, for the liberty of speech, of the press, and of conscience.
  • Just run over in your mind the names of men who have told the truth about their unworthy fellows and about human nature "as it was given them to see it.
  • Something about human beings bored him; he regretted exceedingly that he was one himself; and at the same tune he wished he might countermand the florist's order.
  • Yet, I've come to the conclusion that the man who devotes himself to public service loses much of his usefulness if he allows himself to grow pessimistic about human nature.
  • Now you know I don't pretend to know anything about literary style and all that rot that you're so keen about, but I do know something about human nature, and I do know a grand-stand play when I see one.
  • On the other side of the coin was the fact that the Nipe knew plenty about human anatomy--from the bones out.
  • It would please me no end to report here that the gang at the Medical Center were crude, rough, vicious, and that they didn't give a damn about human suffering.
  • Think of the English language, basic business methods, tables of logarithms, the Pythagorean theorem, Shakespeare's insights about human nature, the periodic table, Ohm's law, the sonnet form, the musical scale.
  • Disregarding all the theory and argument about human will as opposed to cosmic law
  • He had violated the sacred bonds of human society--the noblest ties that hold the human heart--the sweetest tendrils that twine about human affections.
  • The modern psychologists who have thought most deeply about human nature do not share at all the {151} supercilious contempt for mortification and even the habit of performing frequent acts of self-repression, though they may cost effort and suffering, which so many thoughtless people are ready to express.
  • And then David Hume quietly prepares, and once more offers to mankind, in his clear, humble and noble enquiry about Human Understanding, the sceptic wisdom, the moral equilibrium, that would save its health and reason.
  • It remained for Sarah to pierce me, in spite of all I intrinsically felt my relation to Helmeth Garrett to be, with the knowledge of where I stood in the world which I still believed had the last word about human conduct.
  • My sister Mary had a day-school in the house, made up of children between six and twelve years of age; he was allowed to have his playthings in the school-room, and loved to listen to her oral instruction of the children in natural history and science, especially in the stories that she told or read to them about human beings, in whom he was always more interested than in animals.
  • Far from being naive naturalists after the Keats fashion, the Greek tragic poets had succeeded to a pessimistic reaction from simple Pagan enjoyment; they were surrounded with gloomy questionings about human destiny and Divine Justice, and they replied by looking steadily at the facts of life and asserting the supreme worth of innocence, equity, and mercy.
  • And in this we may notice, by the way, one distinct value of the study of the classics,--that the great ideas and facts about human life which the superb ancients put into their poetry shall not be absolutely lost as are their arts.
  • It appears to me, that much disappointment in the results of education, as in other departments of life, arises from the confusion we fall into about human affections,--mixing up things which do not belong to each other, and then being disappointed at a mixed result.
  • It was an old wine in new bottles; and America did not have to wait for its present universities, with their departments of academic philosophy, in order to possess a living philosophy--to have a distinct vision of the universe and definite convictions about human destiny.
  • I've known some pretty rough characters, as you said a while ago; you learn a lot about human nature in a place like the Blue Chip, Mr. North, and I've seen men going the way Vernon's headed for, just because nobody believed there was anything in him to hold him back.

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  • But what about human nature?
  • Sometimes he cried bitterly in the depths of his heart about human sorrows.
  • Noble notions about human equality don't work in practice.
  • It is not necessary to lie about human nature one way more than another.
  • I'm old enough to understand a little about human nature.
  • Evidently you know more about human nature than poor Crompton did.
  • If he doesn't, then I'm a fool and know nothing about human nature.
  • "About human creatures.
  • it's only the little people and the young who pule and whine about human life.
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