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  • What we are most anxious about just now is, whether they are going to forgive us!
  • There seems to be only medical cases about just now, which is a blessed relief to think of.
  • The white-robed damsel said not a word, but danced about, just as merrily as before.
  • You see his invention, the one he spoke to me about just before we started, was a Life Saver.
  • But it received all three of those names for other reasons you need not bother your head about just now.
  • However he jumped about just as actively inside the wolf as he had done when the goat had swallowed him.
  • Our advice to the public in view of this decision is to go about just as if nothing serious had happened.
  • It's the youngest daughter he is bringing out, that lively one you saw cutting about just now.
  • He went into action with a cane in his hand, hawbucking his company about just as a farmer does a yoke of cattle.
  • The young of the mackerel and the herring glance all about just beneath the surface near the shore, like myriad pieces of silver.
  • I saw three small children playing about just behind the dressing station, where some men unloading a lorry were killed a few days ago.
  • Louisa was accordingly on the watch, and Ida hovered about, just enough completely to put the nurses off their guard.
  • And when such men are sleeping quietly, how can they tell that they may not be turned into those big torches we were talking about just now, or that a great earthquake will not be upheaved?
  • The adjoining room was the former chamber of the aged couple, and here he began soon to hear a whispering and moving about, just as he used to hear it when they were still alive.
  • The one thing I was sure about just then was that we must break away from this personal conversation; flesh and blood could stand the strain no longer.
  • However, with time Djedda adapted herself wonderfully to this situation and learned to hobble about just on her hind legs supporting herself by holding her left front leg against her hip.
  • I heard old Petersen crashing about just above me; and in the distance a search-light was moving backwards and forwards across the sky, evidently looking for him.
  • It may have been that her mother's spirit hovered about just then, and renewed its prayer; or, whatever may have caused it, the blackgown's train of thought was disturbed.
  • He was permitted to order me about just as he pleased, and if I did not please him, to beat me without mercy, and very often my mother would fly at me and assist him.
  • He came face about just as the hat skimmed across the floor, stopped, jerked himself up stiffly, looked at Lambert with a leap of anger across his drunken face.
  • One day Langley was strolling about just outside the lines looking for somebody to talk to, when he noticed an apparently very old native man sitting on an ant-heap, and regarding him somewhat intently.
  • And of course I have offensive rays and other devices hidden about--just in case.
  • He never turns his eyes away from her when they are together, which isn't very much, as she goes about just as she pleases without him.
  • The steward, who is a superstitious fellow, perhaps, and expected something to go wrong, went to look for him this morning, and found his berth empty, but his clothes lying about, just as he had left them.
  • I shall be about just the same--only now--" "I know; you want to be alone--you can bear no more.
  • Missy Edith talk too, but she laugh very much; very fond Missy Edith, very happy little girl; jump about just like one of these kids we drive home; always merry.
  • Has not the woman a man loves always a private key to his heart, and doesn't she go and tumble its contents about, just out of curiosity, ten times a day?
  • He faced about just in time to acknowledge Colonel Anderson's introduction to Colonel Edwards; then turned again to survey the mountaineers.
  • And how high they did hold their heads and how they did throw their feet about--just as if they were dancing on eggs.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For About Just | About Just Sentence

  • What are you thinking about, just now?
  • Another hour would bring about just that condition.
  • What's behind that I'd rather not think about just now.
  • What was all that firin' about just now?
  • Everything lay about just as it had been thrown the night before.
  • I'm thinking about just now.
  • The mind of the capricious person skips about just like a goat.
  • That's all I have to write about just now.
  • Well, it was my partner whom I was asking you about just now.
  • But I say, what was the veteran looking so mortally black about just now?
  • I owe them the things we've been talking about just as I owe them a living.
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