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  • But were his generalities about life strong enough to push her and her humilities aside?
  • There is something sure about life insurance, and everything else is so uncertain.
  • She had no imagination, but she had added up her feelings, some of her reflections, about life.
  • In fact, no one could hold higher sentiments than he had expressed about women or about life.
  • He was squatting down one time in the pit, and thinking about life and liberty, and he grew sad.
  • And if this is withheld, they drive man to doubt, to uncertainty about life, or even to despair.
  • You don't talk about its being hard or easy any more than you talk about life itself.
  • One reason is that we have been taught that we know all about life and death and the mysteries of the grave.
  • But if this be the common manner of thinking about life, it does not represent the whole of such thought.
  • Philosophy is still thought about life, representing but the deepening and broadening of the common practical thoughtfulness.
  • This shows how little she knew about life, or what she needed most to fit her for the right kind of a life.
  • She is very lovely, and if she knows as little about life as she does about acting, she will be a delightful experience.
  • But to understand how the practical man becomes the philosopher, we must inquire somewhat more carefully into the manner of his thought about life.
  • He smiled inwardly at this recollection, reflecting that the moralists, after all, had queer ideas about life.
  • We seldom give them a chance to talk as friend to friend, not about trifling things, but about life itself and what it means.
  • Her education was founded upon the simple theory that the less a girl knew about life, the better prepared she would be to contend with it.
  • But then I have that feeling about life in general, and there doesn't seem to be anything in it.
  • Just now she was too tremendously earnest about life, which she treated quite in the large manner, to take a serious interest in living.
  • Lydia felt a little less bitter and hopeless about life when she sat in front of her own open fire, after her usual twilight walk.
  • To see the change from hope to despair take place in his eyes, to watch the illusions go, and the bitter truth about life take possession of him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For About Life | About Life Sentence

  • I was making about life.
  • There is a unique urgency about life.
  • Everything about life, but not life itself.
  • He was learning a good deal about life these days.
  • He knew more about life than Shakespeare.
  • But I should like to talk to you about life.
  • I talked a good deal about Life.
  • At last I learned about myself and about life.
  • We had a long talk about life and "Nature" ideals.
  • The only logical thing about life is the certainty that it must end.
  • About Life itself!
  • You filled me with a wild desire to know everything about life.
  • And then they set to complaining about life, raging against life!
  • I don't know anything about the world, about life.
  • Nothing about life; bemused by the fairy stories you writers call novels!
  • He felt that he knew all that men knew about life, and death as well.
  • I had been thinking about life when I might have been exulting in it.
  • Hers is; and it is becoming to Pat to be sad and puzzled about life.
  • It means that I want to see the world, and know a thing or two about life.
  • The critics knew better about life than I, you see, Mignonne.
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