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How To Use About On In A Sentence?

  • She's moving about on the bed.
  • She looked about on her desk for a magazine she had put there.
  • This deposit can be driven about on the charcoal by either of the flames.
  • He swung about on his heel and set out in the direction from which he had come.
  • She swam into the car and groped about on the seat and floor.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For About On | About On Sentence

  • Running about on all fours!
  • They punched each other about on the strength of it.
  • He squirmed about on the ground.
  • You are complained about on all sides.
  • It came about on this wise.
  • There were very few people about on foot.
  • I was being carried about on their shoulders.
  • Why are you spying about on my verandah?
  • Anxiously then he looked about on every side.
  • If any moved about on this floor it was on tiptoe.
  • He rides about on the moors a lot.
  • They sat about on the floor on cushions.
  • They are about on a par with the free negroes.
  • The two houses were about on a par.
  • So they pulled each other about on the terrace-edge.
  • Several figures were sprawled about on the ground.
  • There were several other copies lying about on the counter.
  • Children and dogs played about on the wet sands.
  • His skin is still capering about on other shoulders.
  • He cast a stare about on the suggestions of the scene.
  • Long days and long nights he tossed about on the ocean.
  • Barney scowled, and shuffled about on his seat.
  • She continued to make the beads roll about on her hand.
  • The intruders were sleepy, and lay about on the inclines.
  • Leila squirmed about on her pillows....
  • For goodness' sake don't hop about on that step!
  • The horses stood about on three legs, heads drooping.
  • They work hard, and scrub, and run about on errands.
  • She rode about on that with grandfather or with old John.
  • The Norwegians are great adepts at getting about on skis.
  • I know plenty stories about on home China.
  • Men wearing such sag-suits could walk about on Dara.
  • This came about on Friday, with a foretaste on Thursday.
  • Among them was that of propelling himself about on a tricycle.
  • Naturally he found that he had something to write about on his return.
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