About Them In A Sentence

How To Use About Them In A Sentence?

  • Foes swarmed about them.
  • All about them was the blue.
  • And why talk to me about them.
  • He had forgotten all about them.
  • I will tell you all about them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For About Them | About Them Sentence

  • Spring was all about them.
  • Others about them were doing the same.
  • Then you know all about them.
  • There was such power about them both.
  • But they have this interest about them.
  • Never be careless about them.
  • And both have a way about them.
  • About them there was peace.
  • I know all about them!
  • But he was most satisfactory about them.
  • I am not thinking about them.
  • But what is there so very precious about them?
  • Why care about them at all?
  • We had been reading about them just before.
  • What is there different about them?
  • What do you know about them?
  • What was said about them?
  • But we hear about them just the same.
  • Sol knows all about them.
  • There was no manners about them.
  • They looked about them.
  • I know more about them.
  • Nothing can be learned about them.
  • How right you are about them!
  • Tell you about them some time.
  • I know all about them.
  • I know all about them.
  • But why should he be disturbed about them?
  • There was no pretence about them.
  • Joe had laughed at him about them.
  • Nothing was being done about them.
  • You have to know about them.
  • What more is there to say about them?
  • Why are we now so apathetic about them?
  • What do we know about them?
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