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  • What do they talk about when they are together?
  • About when do we think of getting supper?
  • What did they usually talk about when alone?
  • They got there just about when it was getting light.
  • Nobody was about when Sheen arrived.
  • I heard about when I was last here.
  • He was wandering about when I came along.
  • I knew what I was about when I sent you to see her.
  • Each animal is likely to have his own ideas about when and where to rest.
  • I want to be about when it isn't love-making or talk.
  • But he does know how many boats are loading and about when they will sail.
  • They would have something to talk about when they went home.
  • Ther goat knew what he was about when he begin ter raise whiskers.
  • Does a person know what he is talking about when he says a man is superhuman?
  • And how had it come about, when he never plagued nor pushed himself forward?
  • They left no address, and said nothing about when they might be expected.
  • Currier told her about when she was home for her Easter vacation.
  • This came about when Lavinia was a couple of yards or so from the man.
  • I didn't tell you about when I ran away.
  • The difficulty is, though," he said, "about when we leave this room.
  • All the four corners round about, When I get in, when I get out!
  • But--but why the uncertainty about when he was coming back?
  • That's just the kind of thing we used to talk about when we were boys.
  • I wouldn't like another regiment to see you lying about when they come.

How To Use About When In A Sentence?

  • He has done good work as it is, and has quite enough to boast about when he gets back.
  • I was going to ask him what he was talking about when I saw what had outraged his modesty.
  • The Bulgarian officer was still angrily waving hit arms about when they neared him.
  • But it's somethin' for a man to think about when he lays in a hole like this like a sick cat.
  • For all I know he knew just about when he would die and where he would go afterward.
  • Ernest Linwood knows well enough what he is about, when he hastens the wedding so vehemently.
  • Of course, these battalions, officers and men, would talk about when the war would be over.
  • Gold Nugget quits just about when the later cherry or slicing tomatoes start ripening heavily.
  • I was about when you came, after which I must go into the fair to see how matters are going on.
  • At daybreak he climbed down and found five Bushmen looking about; when they saw him they came up.
  • It was what I saw and found myself wondering about when I watched you in the train.
  • I am going to tell you a story about when I went to Falmouth with my mother.
  • No need of balloonists to see what the enemy is about, when we have a Mr. Tooting.
  • I expect this was another convention he was going to tell me about when he was interrupted in the overture to the rubber.
  • This comes about when a blunder is made, and that to which the relative is related is not accurately stated.
  • The poor creature does not know what he is talking about, when he abuses this noblest of institutions.
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