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Definition of Absorb

(transitive) To include so that it no longer has separate existence; to overwhelm; to cause to disappear as if by swallowing up; to incorporate; to assimilate; to take in and use up. [First attested around 1350 to 1470.] | (transitive, obsolete) To engulf, as in water; to swallow up. [Attested from the late 15th century until the late 18th century.] | (transitive) To suck up; to drink in; to imbibe, like a sponge or as the lacteals of the body; to chemically take in. [First attested in the early 17th century.]

How To Use Absorb In A Sentence?

  • One can absorb the loss in transmission frequently, by over-compounding the machine.
  • In the meantime, college-work did not wholly absorb the life of this busy woman.
  • At first he could not absorb this insane color idea; and he stood there, with his heart sinking.
  • But some absorb especially whispered words in such a way that their power becomes evident after the waking of the sleeper.
  • Many immigrants absorb these suggestions unconsciously, as they absorb those of a wider freedom for women.
  • Do not let them absorb you altogether," it sounded to her very like a reproach.
  • All men confess their beauty, which so entrances those of mathematical genius as entirely to absorb them.
  • Into this inclosure dry grasses and dead vines are continually placed to absorb and become rotted by the liquids.
  • The curves which absorb the momentum of the water are figured mathematically and in practice become polished like mirrors.
  • Where have the elements you absorb to-day in respiration and assimilation been drawn from, what lugubrious adventures have they been subject to?
  • Her eyes saw distances too big for their conception, beauties so deep that her spirit had to expand to absorb them.
  • Irishmen were willing to absorb the foreigners, to marry with them, and even at times to share their wars.
  • They only absorb air to supply the tracheae, which aerate the blood only within the general cavity of the body.
  • The testing of rubber in regard to its plasticity and power to absorb finely divided mineral matter will be discussed in a later chapter.
  • Some other metals possess this same power, notably palladium, which is remarkable for its ability to absorb hydrogen.
  • It is used in photography and in the bleaching industry, to absorb the excess of chlorine which is left upon the bleached fabrics.
  • Then politics and commerce will absorb from the educated class men of talents without genius, precisely because such have no resistance.
  • As it is the office of the leaves to absorb nourishment from the atmosphere, they should never be removed, except to mature the wood or fruit.
  • Scott recommends clean bran, others dry silver sand, to put among the fruit so as to absorb any moisture.
  • One pound of silk will absorb two or three pounds of these chemicals, and will apparently be a heavy silk, while it is really thin and poor.
  • In certain men, digestion and sex absorb the vital force, and the stronger these are, the individual is so much weaker.
  • To solve picture puzzles, even if they absorb the attention for a week, can never have the same effect as a real interest in a human puzzle.
  • This is the point in which the remuneration demanded by him would absorb all the advantage which William might find in making use of a plane.
  • In a large easy chair sat a florid-looking old man, with a face in which pain and habitual ill-temper had combined to absorb every expression.
  • The equilibrium is preserved by these counteractions, as one tree keeps down another in the forest, that it may not absorb all the sap in the ground.
  • A second christianization of the world may convert all the happy into the consolers of the unhappy, instead of leading people to absorb themselves in the question of their own salvation.
  • It has been determined by experiment that the ability of any substance to absorb heat depends upon the number of atoms it contains, rather than its bulk or its weight.
  • It was her plan to absorb the European provinces herself, and the way must be kept open to Salonica and if possible to Constantinople.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Absorb | Absorb Sentence

  • Thus does he absorb all the coin of the realm.
  • Are there perhaps beings which can absorb our energy?
  • His business in the Square was to absorb the sunshine.
  • The cost of "keeping" a few trees would absorb all profit.
  • Would not the traveller in him absorb the professor of dancing and deportment?
  • His stable and his horses and his betting-book absorb him entirely.
  • He could absorb himself in his games of genius anywhere and everywhere.
  • I shall absorb my full share of the dainty you have provided.
  • Being very porous, it will absorb five times its own volume of water.
  • When a given weight of water freezes, does it absorb or evolve heat?
  • Cleanse my love in its self-spending, And absorb the poor libation!
  • By degrees, she seemed to absorb all her companion's life and brightness.

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