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  • I abstain from them all.
  • You are to abstain from all correspondence.
  • To abstain from all intoxicating liquors.
  • If your ladyship will only abstain from colours.
  • Then there are others who abstain too much from exercise.
  • To fast and abstain on the days commanded.
  • Then came the question: what did my father abstain from?
  • Those who did abstain were altogether only 32.69 per cent.
  • It is better, however, to abstain from both.
  • I know what I abstain from.
  • Finally I decided to abstain from his society.
  • And I would abstain even from wine.
  • The Apostles commanded Acts 15, 20 to abstain from blood.
  • Every married man should abstain during certain natural seasons.
  • Merely to abstain from definition was like a load taken off my mind.
  • Many others have had the wit to abstain from even putting in an appearance.
  • Those who abstain from it do so not out of lack of heart, but from choice.
  • For three days the men abstain from work and the forge stands idle.
  • On the 7th, however, it will be safer to abstain from work altogether.
  • Her Voices had neither commanded her to attack nor to abstain from attacking.
  • They, on their part, promised to abstain from all aggression, in any shape.
  • However, I warn you that you had better abstain from insulting me again.
  • But the second, 'to abstain on the days commanded,' we can keep.

How To Use Abstain In A Sentence?

  • The committee therefore abstain from expressing an opinion as to its merits.
  • She desires me to emphasize her wish that you abstain from any public expression of thanks.
  • Those who had firmness enough to abstain from it took a larger quantity of wine.
  • And he who pursues pleasure will not abstain from injustice, and this is plainly impiety.
  • It requires us to deny ourselves, but not to abstain from any proper enjoyment.
  • Griffin felt that he had better abstain from questioning, and let his host run on.
  • Persons should abstain from eating, at least three hours before retiring for sleep.
  • They abstain from all fellowship with their kind, they try to live even without food.
  • Her devotees abstain from animal food on the third and twenty-seventh day of every month.
  • The young man would not reform his habits, or abstain from dangerous intrigues.
  • They also abstain from eating certain kinds of food, more at some seasons of the year than others.
  • I admonish you that ye abstain from covetousness; and that ye be chaste, and true of speech.
  • Hupazoli did not entirely abstain from flesh; and yet he used very little, and that was wild game.
  • We yield no point, mark you; but we abstain from pressing a wrong point at a wrong time.
  • The doctors think that I must have patience, and abstain from all treatment for a while.
  • They abstain from meat, eggs, and milk-food, and eat simply vegetables and fruit.
  • From tobacco and all ardent spirits, including wine, I had to abstain as a matter of course.

Definition of Abstain

(transitive, reflexive, obsolete) Keep or withhold oneself. [Attested from around 1350 to 1470 until the mid 16th century.] | (intransitive) Refrain from (something or doing something); keep from doing, especially an indulgence. [First attested around 1350 to 1470.] | (intransitive, obsolete) Fast (not eat for a period). [First attested around 1350 to 1470.]
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