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  • And all this is performed on an abstemious vegetable diet.
  • An abstemious diet ought to be strictly observed.
  • He is forced to be very abstemious . . .
  • He was high-minded, abstemious and chaste.
  • Paul was, as a rule, an abstemious young man.
  • It's a heady wine for an abstemious man.
  • He was a very abstemious man, and his tastes were of the simplest.
  • But the retiring, abstemious habits of Michelangelo did not appeal to Leo.
  • Yet, in a general way, there was no man more abstemious than Roderick Vawdrey.

How To Use Abstemious In A Sentence?

  • After a few years, he ventured to change his abstemious diet for one more rich and stimulating.
  • The performer who would be at his best must live a very careful, almost abstemious life.
  • The sisterhood, abstemious nearly all the days of the year, feasted on certain high holidays.
  • Yet I would advise all lofty spirits to be abstemious in their use of noble indignation.
  • I think I have retained the vigor of my mind more, in consequence of an abstemious diet.
  • You must make up your mind to lead a regular, quiet, abstemious life, avoiding all excitement.
  • That this shoold bee in man, nay in man vowed Unto a strickt abstemious chastity!
  • He is, unlike most Persians of high class, abstemious as regards both food and drink.
  • George so far resembled him that both at school and college he had been a rather careful and abstemious boy.
  • On the same principle, the gormandizer needs more of this element than the person of abstemious habits.
  • While he entertained so well, he was himself abstemious in his habits and denied himself animal food one day in every week.
  • He was the most abstemious of men, but on reaching his den he poured out a fairly strong brandy and soda and drank it at a draught.
  • He swore very rarely, he was abstemious with wines and spirits, and he loved books better than food itself.
  • His favorite articles of food were tea, bread and butter, and baked apples; and he was even abstemious in the use of these.
  • His demeanour was gentle and modest; his habits, as to sleep, food, and exercise, abstemious and regular.
  • In spite of the family failing, or, perhaps, because it was the only thing he feared, Thurston had been an abstemious man.
  • If you care to use yourself to it you may work in the greatest heat and feel very few ill effects from it if you are abstemious in the taking of liquids.
  • These last boons may have arisen from the economical and abstemious life which the bishop lived, in order to devote his income to the cathedral building.
  • I'm going to see, but when I'm reasonably abstemious I'm not given to ingrowing nerves.
  • Dunton had at The Anchor a good fowl and a bottle of sack, instead of the beer and cakes of the abstemious Puritan governor.
  • Generally esteemed as these people are for their saving qualities, frugal, simple and abstemious habits, an annual departure from the established rule is not unjustifiable.

Definition of Abstemious

Refraining from freely consuming food or strong drink; sparing in diet; abstinent, temperate. [From early 17th c.] | Sparing in the indulgence of the appetite or passions. | Sparingly used; used with temperance or moderation.
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