Abstract in a sentence

Definition of Abstract

(obsolete) Derived; extracted. [Attested from around 1350 to 1470 until the late 15th century.] | (now rare) Drawn away; removed from; apart from; separate. [First attested around 1350 to 1470.] | Expressing a property or attribute separately of an object that is considered to be inherent to that object. [First attested around 1350 to 1470.]

How to use Abstract in a Sentence?

  • Tezcatlipoca is a god with considerable pretensions to an abstract and lofty divinity.
  • All this is possible so long as it is considered in its abstract self-contained universality.
  • The understanding is strong in a single abstract principle and with this lever moves mankind.
  • But how does evil proceed from abstract forms; from the ideal region of the possible?
  • If it is only an abstract branch of science, of course, no such hint is in place.
  • This factor, abstract in the formal treatment of logic, now gets its most concrete interpretation.
  • If Iemon thought to abstract a copper "cash" from the priestly treasury he made a gross mistake.
  • Of course, Bob knew that, as an abstract ethical principle, it is wrong to fight.
  • Not only will chlorine combine directly with free hydrogen but it will often abstract the element from its compounds.
  • It came to be esteemed only in its formal and abstract shape, and at the expense of the heart and feelings.
  • The function of judicial administration is only to actualise to necessity the abstract side of personal liberty in civil society.
  • Twas easy enough to abstract her letters or yours from time to time, but the case needed something more than that.
  • She found that when she tried to think connectedly on abstract subjects things slithered out of her mind and left a headache behind.
  • Leibnitz does not mean that evil proceeds from abstract ideas, before they are embodied in the creation of real moral agents.
  • The mind that can master abstract science is one thing; the faculties that can deal with fellow-mortals is another.
  • So long as the accepted lover had been but an abstract conception Davenant had been able to think of him with toleration.
  • Similarly well-being is abstract and may be set on this or that: as appertaining to this single agent, it is always something particular.
  • I kind of like the rather abstract effect you get from all those wires snaking in and around, with that green glass tube in the center.
  • But it is just life he loves, and not in any abstract sense, but all the infinite little familiar details of life catalogued with delighted jest.
  • In its previous intellectual, abstract form, it did not, and could not, become an element of spiritual life.
  • The hierarchy, if so it be called, of the spiritual forces is one where none can stand alone, or claim an abstract and independent supremacy.
  • It is not to be expected that many, if any, remains of a theriomorphic character should cling to a goddess so abstract as Aditi.
  • The self-identity of the mind, thus first made explicit as the Ego, is only its abstract formal identity.
  • And we still have in the rear the further problem of how these abstract entities stand to the real and concrete single acts and states of soul and mind.
  • The spirit is only spirit in so far as it is for the spirit, and in the absolute religion it is the absolute spirit which manifests no longer abstract elements of its being but itself.
  • Liberty and equality are indeed the foundation of the state, but as the most abstract also the most superficial, and for that very reason naturally the most familiar.
  • From philosophy to the deuce is not a big stride, according to the view of those folk who jibe at political economy and all the abstract of virtues and governments.
  • This very abstract idea "may have been one of the earliest intuitions and creations of the Hindu mind" (p. 229).
  • It is also plain, that in speaking of something we speak of being, for to speak of an abstract something naked and isolated from all being is impossible.
  • You are not responsible for what you say or do, provided always that you do not offend against the abstract rules of decency, or the requirements of natural decorum.

Short Example Sentence for Abstract

  • It is purely a matter of cold, abstract justice.
  • To all this I had in the abstract no objection.
  • A short abstract is, however, to be found in Walsingham.
  • Intellectual smartness and abstract rational deductions entice you.
  • The abstract question didn't interest him.
  • He has no abstract love for what is low, or what the world calls low.
  • An abstract comparatively brief must suffice for the other Aztec deities.
  • The system of Hegel frees the mind from the dominion of abstract ideas.
  • Bancroft has 3.s. and Sainsbury's abstract the same.
  • There's a sort of abstract YOU that I want to go on with.

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