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  • She had no leisure for abstruse studies.
  • It is far too abstruse for description here.
  • What suggestion when pursuing abstruse studies?
  • It was an affectation of abstruse cookery throughout.
  • The subject is a subtle and abstruse one.
  • His interest lay in abstruse mathematical problems.
  • The subject is not so abstruse as I thought it was.
  • The subject is too abstruse to be dispatched in a few words.
  • Many abstruse divine questions are solved by this illumination.

How To Use Abstruse In A Sentence?

  • With scholars and philosophers they held their own in abstruse and abstract discussions.
  • It remains with us to deal now with priestly contributions to the more abstruse sciences.
  • It was useless to argue so abstruse a point with so interested and impassioned a reasoner.
  • So they read it again and again, even learning the more abstruse sentences by heart.
  • The abstruse nature of the study, my inexperience and want of means dispirited me.
  • It is the work of genius to render difficult matters plain, abstruse thoughts clear.
  • For the academic intelligence abstract and abstruse mathematics are tonic and an end in themselves.
  • My mind is absorbed in abstruse speculations and such trivial matters as bodily discomforts cannot touch it.
  • By no abstruse reasoning did he make his instructions so vivid to his disciples, and so fresh to ourselves.
  • She thinks nothing of delving into the most abstruse problems of the higher branches of analytical science.
  • His contributions to its memoirs are numerous, and many of them are on the most abstruse and difficult mathematical problems.
  • The rising universities had gifted scholars whose abstruse speculations have never been rivalled for acuteness and severity of logic.
  • When engaged in abstruse studies, it may be found advantageous to pursue others that are less difficult.
  • For more than three weeks the synod at Cambridge wrestled with the most abstruse points of doctrine.
  • In this discussion of a perhaps abstruse and difficult theme, his indulgence is sought for whatever imperfections or deficiencies may appear.
  • By this social history we do not mean, moreover, something abstruse and academic suited for the college alone.
  • In this sense, therefore, not so abstruse and formally logical as it may appear, we are all universal doubters.
  • Why, the student who may answer the most abstruse questions in anatomy, may himself have nerves so weak as to faint at the sight of blood.
  • This, gentlemen, is rather an abstruse part of the question, being one which recommends itself for consideration to the purely legal intellect.
  • He was talking to one of the passengers, a retired naval officer, and the two were deep in debate concerning some abstruse point of navigation.
  • Antonio, beside his love for the abstruse sciences, had a pretty turn for music; and never did philosopher touch the guitar more tastefully.
  • From the abstruse character of this work, the labor, research, and talent, it evidences have never been generally and justly appreciated.
  • Such abstruse ideas, when analysed and commented upon by Buddhist doctors, gave rise to the most opposite conclusions.
  • Nunu turned her eyes quickly upon him, but immediately resumed her apparently deep study of the abstruse figures in the Kidderminster carpet.
  • The finest and most beautiful things in life," said this scientist, "the most abstruse scientific discoveries, are based upon platitudes.
  • Often has she quitted an abstruse book, or a beautiful drawing, to trundle her hoop, or run races with her playfellow Augustus.
  • It is positively refreshing to see how quickly and unerringly some individuals can judge a delicate question of abstruse psychology by first impressions.
  • There is little that is abstruse in any of these ideas, and the very young child is not too young to know something of these wider aspects of the social life.
  • Had he spoken in that abstruse style to common people, it is certain he would have missed his aim and exposed himself to the chance of not being understood.
  • Judging from the glance I gave it, it seemed to be a confused and abstruse mixture of irregular geometrical figures and cramped German chirography.
  • Thou wouldst apprehend the most obscure signs and the most abstruse allusions, and wouldst clearly behold the mysteries of the beginning in the point of the end.

Definition of Abstruse

Difficult to comprehend or understand. [First attested in the late 16th century.] | (obsolete) Concealed or hidden out of the way; secret. [Attested from the late 16th century until the mid 18th century.]
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