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  • How absurd dreams are!
  • It was absurd to start at once.
  • The articles themselves are absurd and contradictory.
  • He turned on me with absurd fierceness.
  • Of them he dreamed absurd dreams.
  • It was indeed as absurd as a dream.
  • But he dismissed that idea as absurd and impossible.
  • He did not ascribe it to that absurd dead man.
  • For in such a situation even the absurd may appear ominous.
  • The most absurd rumors, it seemed, were in circulation.
  • Why do you ask such an absurd question, Henry?
  • It was a question so absurd that he literally could not answer it.
  • His invalidism magnified the whole affair to absurd proportions.
  • It's perfectly absurd that those two should marry.
  • It was absurd to suppose they would not try to fight a way back soon.
  • He wondered and wondered, till the whole thing seemed more absurd than ever.
  • I suppose Michael has given up the absurd idea of prosecuting the man.

How To Use Absurd In A Sentence?

  • The drumming on the panels stopped and the absurd thunder of it died out in the house.
  • She was able to debate so absurd a suggestion, to argue it down, and turn it into ridicule.
  • I have been the target of absurd and filthy personal abuse in the German press.
  • She looked across the water, wishing he would put the thing away and stop this absurd exhibition.
  • For a lingering moment I dallied with her, craving some tiny, absurd bit of loving service.
  • It follows from this that it is absurd to speak of intelligence and yet at the same time of the possibility or choice of knowing or not.
  • Close by in the greensward an absurd pet lamb was tugging and bouncing at the end of its stingy tether.
  • It was an occasion made absurd and strange by the odd accident that the house caught fire upstairs while we were dining below.
  • This very fact has given rise to the highly absurd fashion of having a second poker in a drawing-room set of fire-irons.
  • At times one felt a little absurd with one's flutter of colours and one's air of saving the country.
  • She sat for a moment looking at this woman who had tried to be a mother to her, with her absurd golden head and beringed, puffy hands.
  • That was, of course, simply an absurd lie, as fast-crowding events of the succeeding night were to demonstrate.
  • Whosoever, therefore, from the parts thereof, will blame the whole, is an absurd and unjust censurer.
  • It is also true that by an awkward and absurd convention I have to restore the old home to the ground landlord in 1941.
  • At his age and in his position, and with his merely normal capacity for passion, it would be absurd to call the world well lost for love.
  • It is absurd to say, that that is a voluntary exercise of power, which is produced in us by the power of God.
  • But it is absurd to treat this visionary state as a sublime mental phase and as a truer state, capable of conveying general truths(123).
  • Thus he returns to the absurd idea of free-will as consisting in "elbow-room," which merely allows our choice or volition to pass into effect.
  • These were absurd to a degree; and it is not cause for surprise that Miss Sneyd should have unhesitatingly refused them.
  • Well, Carrie stopped in the middle of our rambles in the forest, and imitated her squeaky voice and absurd gestures to the life.
  • A further reflection which presents itself is this: Can anything be more absurd than those points which have split the Moslems into sects?
  • Hence, it is absurd to suppose that our feelings, appetites, desires, and passions, are endowed with power, and can act.
  • Therefore the question as to whether there was anything wrong in his attitude toward others was so patently absurd that it could easily be dismissed.

Definition of Absurd

Contrary to reason or propriety; obviously and flatly opposed to manifest truth; inconsistent with the plain dictates of common sense; logically contradictory; nonsensical; ridiculous; silly. [First attested in the mid 16th century.] | (obsolete) Inharmonious; dissonant. [Attested only in the early 17th century.] | Having no rational or orderly relationship to people's lives; meaningless; lacking order or value.
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