Abundantly In A Sentence

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  • The people had that as abundantly as he.
  • Drink abundantly of water.
  • Experience abundantly corroborates the teaching.
  • The importance of this is abundantly clear.
  • The promise has been abundantly fulfilled.
  • They were not abundantly supplied with ammunition.
  • He has been abundantly blessed with children.
  • Has not this accusation been abundantly proved?
  • Even the landlord was abundantly satisfied.
  • This undertaking was abundantly successful.
  • Let the mind be abundantly ministered to.
  • Its convenience has been abundantly realized.
  • The table was delicately and abundantly served.
  • These are by far the most abundantly occurring minerals.
  • The muscles should be abundantly supplied with pure blood.
  • The art of living is abundantly exemplified in actual life.
  • The book is abundantly suggestive....
  • They breed most abundantly during May.
  • The man fell, blood flowing abundantly over the table.
  • Tables, chairs, and chests were abundantly provided.
  • They seem abundantly foolish, one must admit.
  • This is abundantly clear from Scripture.
  • Aunt Ann was abundantly interested and amused.
  • His labors are abundantly blessed of God.
  • May God bless you abundantly in your noble work.
  • It was abundantly clear by the time I took my leave.
  • A European bird that breeds abundantly in Greenland.
  • All that He promises He abundantly accomplishes.
  • It is abundantly shown in the case of Mr. Mueller.
  • These provings have been abundantly confirmed by my own experience.
  • Practical experience has abundantly confirmed these conclusions.
  • The expedition was abundantly supplied with ammunition and provisions.
  • It is more abundantly supplied with blood than any organ of the system.
  • This is abundantly proved and may be accepted as a historic fact.
  • That this distrust was well founded is abundantly proved by history.
  • This theory has since that time been abundantly confirmed by navigators.

How To Use Abundantly In A Sentence?

  • Either of these circumstances is abundantly sufficient to account for its success.
  • Tuberculosis is found more abundantly in this country in dairy than in beef stock.
  • Naphthaline crystals destroy mites and they cannot exist where it is abundantly present.
  • Balzac wrote abundantly to prove the influence that names have on their possessors.

Definition of Abundantly

In an abundant manner; in a sufficient degree; in large measure. [First attested around 1350 to 1470.] | Extremely.

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