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  • Have we, then, only escaped from positivism to fall into the abyss of scepticism?
  • She was looking wearily past him, her gaze probing some unguessed abyss of thought.
  • And thunder rolled the name, mutteringly soft, back and forth in the abyss before him.
  • Blissful ignorance of the abyss of preventible misery which exists in Edinburgh is impossible now.
  • The abyss from soul to soul cannot be bridged By any skill of thought or trick of seeming.
  • A dull, dim consciousness drew her forward toward the low wall, and the abyss that yawned beneath.
  • Art thou so lost in this abyss of fear, Thou canst not weep thy misery and shame?
  • But before these are capable of becoming more than mere imaginings, the abyss of nothingness has to be faced in another form.
  • What consolation amid their losses and their sufferings, but that of the fellow-sufferers plunged in the same abyss of ruin?
  • The full understanding of it was an abyss between them, across which they joined hands, looking elsewhere.
  • Other pallid fingers rise from the portal of the abyss in warning gesture, but the narrow gulf opens underfoot.
  • Into their abyss they would drag the nearest and dearest, could he retard the striking of the inevitable hour by five minutes.
  • There was the world, the whole wide world, plunged into an abyss of error and wrongdoin'.
  • Raffles stood very still, staring down at the dead, as a man might stare into an abyss after striding blindly to its brink.
  • He could not master himself, or calm his feverish passion, and went towards the abyss as if seized by mental giddiness.
  • One moment his head remained above this liquid ground, one moment he cried for aid, and the abyss had swallowed its prey.
  • Disdaining to explain his meaning to Mercury, he is swept into the abyss amid terrific hurricane and earthquake.
  • Lupin in his hole and Florence in her grotto; one dancing a jig above the abyss and the other at her last gasp under her mountain.
  • Marie and Sauverand will be at the bottom of the abyss by then, dead no doubt, or in any case separated forever.
  • The maid, the wife, the mother, smile and smile, even when the heart is breaking and the abyss is opening.
  • He had hesitated for a moment, feeling the abyss yawning beneath him; then he had falsed, made the pass, and won the game.
  • That is the sensation I have: the feeling of one who has stepped back from the brink of an abyss just in time to avoid being pushed over.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Abyss | Abyss Sentence

  • And again an abyss opened before me.
  • It was as if an abyss had opened at my feet.
  • Then to the abyss will I depart!
  • Within two years, however, a deeper abyss was to open.
  • The darkness is profound, the abyss immense....
  • The tremendous abyss on either hand I studiously ignored.
  • You see the abyss before you, Svanhild, leap!
  • This is a very dark abyss of the world into which we are looking.
  • Thereby it threatens to drag after it into the abyss the whole of society.
  • The horror of one who tumbles into a bottomless abyss was in them.
  • Could good by any possibility rise out of such an abyss of wrong?
  • We are now peering into the abyss of seventeenth-century credulity.
  • It echoed along the cliffs and died away into the abyss below.
  • It was the dark abyss below that drew her toward its silent bosom.
  • I can see those figures with entire distinctness across this abyss of time.
  • I thought I saw a dark abyss before me, and recoiled with fear.
  • Credulity about America, 2, 20; abyss of seventeenth century, 341.
  • The abyss was my bed's edge and I found myself on the floor.

Definition of Abyss

Hell; the bottomless pit; primeval chaos; a confined subterranean ocean. [First attested around 1350 to 1470.] | (frequently figuratively) A bottomless or unfathomed depth, gulf, or chasm; hence, any deep, immeasurable; any void space. [First attested in the late 16th century.] | Anything infinite, immeasurable, or profound. [First attested in the late 16th century.]
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