Abysses in a sentence

Definition of Abysses

plural of abyss

Short Example Sentence for Abysses

  • 1. Else will they hurl thee down the dark abysses there.
  • 2. The second act opens in the abysses of the underworld.
  • 3. But, oftener, her emotion dropped into abysses of despair.
  • 4. Into what abysses shall we go and plunge ourselves, we three?

How to use Abysses in a Sentence?

  • 1. Life has no longer any meaning for him, and he rushes wildly into the abysses of intellectual insanity.
  • 2. In the second they surprise us unannounced, and return to the abysses of eternity to reappear no more.
  • 3. There was something on our minds, and we relapsed in turn and forgot ourselves in the fathomless abysses of speculation.
  • 4. The possibilities of speculation have been exhausted; the abysses of reflection have been sounded; the heights of meditation have been scaled.
  • 5. They filled the future with heavens and with hells, with the shining peaks of selfish joy and the lurid abysses of flame.
  • 6. Did he know that some stars are so far away in the infinite abysses that five millions of years are required for their light to reach this globe?
  • 7. From a distant starry name, withdrawn into the abysses of heaven, she would turn again to woman and a wonderful nearness.
  • 8. We frequently rode beside abysses so frightful that we dared not look at them, and pursued sandy paths all seamed with serpent tracks.
  • 9. But in reality these suns are in perpetual commotion in the abysses of the Heavens, which they quicken with an extraordinary animation.
  • 10. Collisions in the abysses of space, which undoubtedly take place, look like disharmonies and failures of order, as they undoubtedly are.
  • 11. The multitude of monsters melts away; the land changes into an Ocean; the creatures of the briny abysses appear.
  • 12. I determined that art should sound the abysses of the inexpressible and bring from thence radiant symbols of all things, clothed with imagination and emotion.
  • 13. And on autumn evenings you look up at the stars, and the light and the death and the dizzy abysses of space above you send a solemn thrill through your soul.
  • 14. Nevertheless they were saved from the lowest abysses of sensuality and bestiality by their doctrine that, in the pursuit of pleasure, the wise man must exercise prudence.
  • 15. The mountains of continents seem to correspond with what are called the abysses of the sea; but now, the highest mountains do not rise to 20,000 feet.
  • 16. With your figure, slender as a birch, you could leap over abysses and spring from rock to rock; but you are lazy and infected with the disease of neutrality.
  • 17. We shuddered to think of him in that frail shell, drifting on and on to his grave, the sky rent with lightning over his head, and the green abysses yawning beneath him.
  • 18. Despite the asperities of mountain ranges, and the abysses hollowed out by the waters, the terrestrial globe is fairly regular, and in relation to its volume its surface is smoother than that of an orange.
  • 19. The method was a little singular, but very restful, for it seemed to ignore completely all accidents of human life, and to span very deep abysses with a few simple words.