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  • O centenario da Academia das Sciencias.
  • Professor Regius in Academia Oxoniensi.
  • Between you both, there will be quite an Academia at Kilronan.
  • Saviliani in Academia Oxoniensi: distributa in sex dialogos (1.
  • Real Academia de la Historia, vol. vi.
  • Na Officina de Joseph Antonio Da Sylva, Impressor da Academia Real.

How To Use Academia In A Sentence?

  • From this rich and interesting temple we passed to the Academia delle belle Arti.
  • Atticus is making in his house something like what Cicero had made in his, and called his academia or gymnasium.

Definition of Academia

(collective) The scientific and cultural community engaged in higher education and research, taken as a whole. [from 1956] | Continuous study at higher education institutions; scholarship.
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