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  • The academic and university classes are never there.
  • This work will also appeal to academic and scientific students.

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  • Indeed, their resemblance was rather academic, and there was little originality in design.
  • Their appearance is more academic and, in the decorative sense, prettier than that of Matisse.
  • But, as is not infrequent with productions of this nature, there is hidden behind the academic and scholastic cloak a malignant political pamphlet.
  • The school of chemistry we have omitted, because it was composed of both academic and professional students, with the ratio of which to each other we are unacquainted.
  • Just as the English are apt to find our humour "slangy" and "cheap," so we find theirs academic and heavy.
  • All his academic and ecclesiastical honors came from Catholic sources, came to him, moreover, as a good Catholic.
  • Football before all is loved uncommonly, and it is practised in such a fashion that academic and State authorities are near to forbidding it altogether.
  • The other extreme is an enthusiastic belief in the almost magical educative efficacy of any kind of activity, granted it is an activity and not a passive absorption of academic and theoretic material.
  • Professor Chadd was, like most of his particular class and type (the class that is at once academic and middle-class), a Radical of a solemn and old-fashioned type.
  • It appears therefore, reasonable to conclude that the three 4 principal kinds of philosophy are the Dogmatic, the Academic, and the Sceptic.
  • We learn that there were periodical meetings, convivial and conversational, among the members both of the Academic and Peripatetic schools, and laws for their regulation established by Xenocrates and Aristotle.
  • I had rather hankered after something more definitely academic and scholastic--something more intellectual!
  • This internationalism is not merely a sociological principle, something academic and scientific, as a theory of state or society; it is an ethical principle, which contains some recognition of justice as a subjective principle.
  • The influences of philosophy are academic, and presumably any doctrine of life that preaches achievement, virility and unmorality will include in some degree war among the interests that it will affect, within the limits of its academic nature.
  • Since only the academic and commercial subjects are considered, and since they are almost uniformly scheduled for four or five hours a week, the failures will seem to be of something near equal gravity and to represent a similar amount of non-performance or of unsatisfactory results.
  • The European Network in Language and Speech (ELSNET) has over a hundred European academic and industrial institutions as members.
  • His accomplishments now stand for all that is academic and student-like; and although his interest as an innovator passed out with the appearance of Pissarro and Monet, men go on imitating his externals and using his brushing.
  • As compared with their successors, the Tractarians were academic and learned; they preached thoughtful and carefully prepared sermons; they cared little for ecclesiastical millinery, and often acquiesced in very simple and 'backward' ceremonial.
  • Caution, carefulness, thoroughness, definiteness, exactness, orderliness, methodic arrangement, are, then, the traits by which we mark off the logical from what is random and casual on one side, and from what is academic and formal on the other.
  • We have changed all that, and possibly the change is for the better, for while the atmosphere which pervaded the ancient dens now appropriated to the use of the great library was certainly academic, and was sometimes cool and pleasant in summer, the conditions of the game became almost intolerable in winter.
  • So understood, the maxim encourages mechanical routine or sensuous excitation at one end of the educational scale--the lower--and academic and unapplied learning at the upper end.
  • Roll cultivations, which served a most important purpose in the days before the introduction of Petri dishes for plate cultivations, are now obsolete in modern laboratories and are merely mentioned for the benefit of students, since examiners who are interested in the academic and historical aspects of bacteriology sometimes expect candidates to be acquainted with the method of preparing them.
  • After defining the three kinds of philosophy as the Dogmatic, the Academic and the Sceptic, Sextus reminds his hearers that he does not speak dogmatically in anything that he says, but that he intends simply to present the Sceptical arguments historically, and as they appear to him.
  • One petition, indeed, puzzled him a little; two men asking favours of him directly contrary to each other, at the same time, and promising the same sacrifice; he was at a loss which to oblige; he became immediately a perfect Academic, and like Pyrrho, {185b} was held in suspense between them.
  • He says: "It is essentially that of an academic and classical professor, and one brought up not only in familiarity with the best examples of ancient art, but with the habit of mind which recurs to classic and especially to Greek originals, both as a standard of taste and as models for treatment of modern works.
  • The authority of the Academic and noble _salons_ was practically at an end, and intellectual culture had spread to a somewhat wider circle.
  • and the Regency, in the time of Corneille and Poussin, the academic and theatrical style was wholly unknown.
  • No one in deed held such a position as Dr. Pusey's and Mr. Keble's; but though Dr. Pusey continued to be a great power at Oxford, he now became every day a much greater power outside of it; while Mr. Keble was now less than ever an Academic, and became more and more closely connected with men out of Oxford, his friends in London and his neighbours at Hursley and Winchester.
  • But Annette knew very well that these utterances were purely academic and had no connection with anything real, indicating only the anxious desire of middle age, half conscious that it is in a backwater, to impress on itself and others that--to use its own pathetic phrase--it is "keeping in touch with life."
  • The issue of November 7, 1896, announced Mr. Cotton's retirement and the inauguration of a new policy, which, in addition to technical improvements, promised the issue of occasional supplements of a purely academic and educational character, and the beginning of the series of _Academy Portraits_ of men of letters.
  • more than masculinely, academic and cultural eastern women's colleges such as Vassar, Wellesley, Smith, and Bryn Mawr that we experience a genuine journalistic shock on hearing a domestic-science-and-art piece of news.
  • 5 It wasn't, however, my deepening sympathy with and understanding of the position of women in general, or the change in my ideas about all these intimate things my fast friendship with Isabel was bringing about, that led me to the heretical views I have in the last five years dragged from the region of academic and timid discussion into the field of practical politics.

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