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  • He seems academic to ours.
  • The academic style has no fascination for him.
  • The academic and university classes are never there.
  • Latin was, in short, the universal academic tongue.
  • You and I need not waste our time in academic discussion.
  • A Manual for Academic Study.
  • These centuries include the second period of their academic history.
  • And he, with his sash, his decorations and his academic palms!
  • In this period, then, academic debate concerned itself with matters of detail.
  • Hence the academic elegance, and classic allusion, which adorn its columns.
  • Carneades is usually considered the greatest of the Academic Sceptics.

How To Use Academic In A Sentence?

  • Shakspere has no academic monument for the same reason that he had no academic education.
  • In fact, the study of nature is completely subordinated to academic conventions.
  • Up to this time the suffrage was a theory, an academic question of right and justice.
  • He made the statement dispassionately, as though laying down a subject for academic discussion.
  • If Sir Joshua had not been a man of genius, he would have been ruined by his academic principles.
  • This preparedness implies fitting school and academic training, and Vocational Guidance.
  • The history of Pyrrhonism and that of Academic Scepticism were for a time contemporaneous.
  • There can be no doubt that this is what our academic bodies do, and they do it the more effectually because they do it only subconsciously.
  • Also during his student years he kept himself unspotted from the moral contaminations of the academic life.
  • It was necessary to give a broad academic course and judiciously interweave some professional training.
  • But it is only those to whom the classics are themselves dead who are likely to lay this academic dead hand on new literature.
  • When our academic gentry use it in their festival oratorios, they are supposed to show themselves very advanced.
  • It was for many years the handsomest and most commodious academic structure in the colonies and as such attracted no little attention.
  • It does not care twopence whether the method of their revelation is new or old, academic or futuristic.
  • Nobody but such a cloistered, academic spinster as she would have trusted a seven years' promise.
  • Besides, even the most academic standards are valuable in a world in which chaos is hailed with enthusiasm both in art and in politics.
  • This school departed from the academic tendency of its predecessors, just as romantic literature declared war against classicism in poetry.
  • As for the cow, she was still going strong, though turning a little academic as the years passed over her.
  • His strictures are those of the academic pedant, Dryden's are those of the man of the world.
  • But, as is not infrequent with productions of this nature, there is hidden behind the academic and scholastic cloak a malignant political pamphlet.
  • Rosie, however, was not a person to grant the purely academic side of any question that was perfectly clear and matter-of-fact.
  • Find an argument in the daily papers, on local or academic affairs, which makes effective appeal to the practical interests of its audience.
  • Mr. Hibbs' pedagogic rages were just that, put on for discipline and academic show.
  • Name two good subjects for a debate drawn from athletics; two from some current academic question; two from local or municipal affairs.
  • In the Academic Work, and in both fields psychological and physiological investigations are called for.
  • The academic influences exerted over American students are, it must be premised, vastly different from those of the old world.
  • Hilda, who sat with her back to it, smiled in enjoying recognition of the thin, high academic note, the prim finish of the inflection.
  • As a poet, the greater portion of his verse is severely classical in tone, academic in expression but, of its kind, distinctive and intimate.
  • William Penn is probably the only creature in the house who ever had the courage to enter the Academic precincts unbidden.

Definition of Academic

Belonging to the school or philosophy of Plato [from late 16th century] | Belonging to an academy or other higher institution of learning; also a scholarly society or organization. [from late 16th century] | Theoretical or speculative; abstract; scholarly, literary or classical, in distinction to practical or vocational [from late 19th century]
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