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  • Caesar was strongly inclined to accede to this proposal.
  • My office compelled me to accede to his demands.
  • Gaudama positively refused to accede to his demands.
  • Therefore I do not accede to the proposition.
  • I should have rejoiced had his temper permitted him to accede to any offer.
  • To his utter astonishment the commissioners refused to accede to his proposal.
  • Proud indeed was I to accede to such a request, and I gave him many sittings.
  • Look here, Honora, I'd accede to any reasonable request.

How To Use Accede In A Sentence?

  • The request was too earnest for me not to accede to it with as good a grace as possible.
  • While he was unwilling to accede to their conditions they were powerless to give him any help.
  • That my father might be brought to accede to such a plan was by no means improbable.
  • Yet his narrow soul could not accede to the generous alternative of giving them freedom.
  • And if only she could get just one person to accede to it her way would be plain.
  • As the voices were anything but siren-like, we obstinately refused to accede to the request.
  • The foremost of them, after a brief pause, seemed ready to accede to his proposals.
  • His Majesty was graciously pleased to accede to the request of his loyal subject.
  • For the first time since she had known him, moreover, she wanted to accede to his wishes.
  • At last my father threatened to disinherit Sydney if he did not accede to his wishes.
  • This my mother, who had always gained the upper-hand, positively refused to accede to.
  • To be brief, Monseigneur is content and ready to accede the points that you demand.
  • The least he, Cutty, could do would be to accede to any and every whim Hawksley expressed.
  • If Wickersham does not accede to my demand, I shall arrest him for the fraud I have mentioned.
  • The two last named states did not accede to the constitution until after proceedings under it had commenced.
  • Langford was harassed and wearied by her vain attempts to accede to the wishes of both, and vex neither.
  • The idea of accompanying us without their womenkind was quite foreign to them, and we had to accede to their prejudices in the matter.
  • It is said that he was with difficulty brought to accede to the advice of his Council on the subject.
  • They had believed that he would at once accede to their demand, and that they would go back to work with the tax removed.
  • Will you accede to my wishes, as any dutiful child should, or will you deliberately incur my everlasting displeasure?
  • That money shall be restored to you in trust for your father and the firm, if you will accede to my suggestion about my wife and child.
  • Seeing, as she did instantly, that it would be more dangerous to deny my request than to accede to it, she spoke.
  • Yet we were obliged to refuse to accede to the numerous requests that the American sailors be permitted to visit this city.
  • As far as may be consistent with your duty to the King, you will accede to their wishes cheerfully and frankly.
  • We could not readily accede to a line of strangers, in preference to our ancient race of kings, though loudly charged with oppression.
  • In the absence of the head of the firm I cannot see my way to accede to your request," he said.
  • After consultation with his Cabinet, the regent answered that he could not accede to this request, and the hostages were returned.
  • Louis did not feel inclined to accede to this proposal, and, breaking up his camp, he crossed over into Asia.
  • The problem was: could Chiang accede without ruining his prestige or impairing the ideological position he had so laboriously built up for himself?
  • We will not loose our hold from the hem of Your garment and we will not cease our importunities until You accede to our request.
  • After considerable negotiation and thought, Governor Riley resolved to accede to the wishes of the people.
  • Unwilling to accede to the plan of co-operation, afraid to give an open refusal, Frederic simply avoided hearing the request.

Definition of Accede

(archaic, intransitive) To approach; to arrive, to come forward. [15th-19th c.] | (intransitive, now rare) To give one's adhesion; to join up with (a group, etc.); to become part of. [from 15th c.] | (intransitive) To agree or assent to a proposal or a view; to give way. [from 16th c.]
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