Accelerator In A Sentence

How To Use Accelerator In A Sentence?

  • Tom jammed the accelerator of the tiny jet car to the floor and shot ahead like a rocket.
  • He jammed the accelerator down, dove headlong, flattened out and streaked for home.
  • Winford eased the accelerator open, and moved off at right angles to its line of progress to place it between him and the sun.
  • In open country he pressed the accelerator down to the floor and the car roared down the road, only slackening speed as it raced through a town.
  • However, he removed his foot from the accelerator and drew up at the police-station of the little old market town in a perfectly decorous fashion.
  • And instinctively, immediately, Ken Torrence brought the torpoon's accelerator down flat.
  • The great car responded to the accelerator and by the time it had reached the men holding the rope it was going at fifty miles an hour over the smooth stone breakwater.
  • They wanted to be sure that they could take over before the boat struck the rock, just in case Danley should freeze to the accelerator a little too long.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Accelerator | Accelerator Sentence

  • Now he came down hard on the accelerator instead.
  • He shrugged impatiently and pressed the accelerator again.
  • Your accelerator is just exactly that--an accelerator.

Definition of Accelerator

One who, or that which, accelerates. | A device for causing acceleration. | (chemistry) A substance which speeds up chemical reactions.
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