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  • The accent was unmistakable.
  • Hyphenation and accent usage have been made consistent.
  • The accent is generally on the first syllable.
  • It pleaded with an accent of charitable scorn.
  • He spoke with the cockney accent of his kind.
  • He forgot his cockney accent and his acquired vocabulary.
  • The accent was all tenderness, the protest all beseeching.
  • His accent is the true Parisian.
  • He spoke with a refined accent of the West.
  • How could she speak with an accent so different from those about her?
  • The accent was for the most part placed on the last syllable.
  • Her accent implied that this conversion was of the utmost importance.
  • Every detail of her look and accent was indelibly printed on my memory.
  • The effort to give a mocking accent to her voice was a failure.
  • She had caught the displeased accent of her adopted father, and echoed it.
  • I exclaimed, as her unfaltering accent thrilled the last amen.
  • The player beats 4/4 time, with the accent on the third beat.
  • The vowels also have long (continued) sounds, marked by the accent -.
  • Her accent is slightly Southern, but her manner is Northern.
  • A Circumflex Accent (^) above the vowel o denotes the sound of o in bôrn.
  • The ka'-los is usually beaten without accent and without rest.

How To Use Accent In A Sentence?

  • What was this accidental touch which had evoked the strange accent of her voice?
  • It was well that he did not notice that the cockney accent was for the moment abandoned.
  • He was pleased to note that even to his own ears his accent was polite, but no more.
  • I queried, and in spite of myself there arose a certain accent of suspicion in my tones.
  • The words were still well enough; it was in the accent that the truth transpired.
  • What is this accent but a stroke, an emphasis, with a successive pause to make complete the time?
  • The accent of the all-knowing journalist seemed to jar on the Planter of Malata.
  • And what is the difference between this accent and quantity but the difference between a harp-note and an organ-note?
  • First of all it cheapens religion by putting the accent in the meaning of life on personal comfort and absence of pain.
  • Maria tried to speak lightly and scornfully, but in spite of herself there was an accent of gratification in her tone.
  • She dimpled at him and obeyed, with the soft suggestion of accent that was like a tender confidence.
  • He gave a good deal of dramatic effect to his descriptions, but his accent and intonation cannot be written.
  • The grave accent is never noated, but onelie understood in al syllabes quherin the acute and circumflex is not.
  • There was a piquancy in her accent that made the hearer wish to hear further, and a certain artlessness in her manner not met with recently by him.
  • I am strangely mistaken if the accent of the noblest English poetry does not speak to us in those lines.
  • The circumflex accent both liftes and felles the syllab that it possesseth, and combynes the markes of other tuae, thus ^.
  • It may be a particular trait and accent in poetry, and the public, weary of the mimicries, begin to dislike the original.
  • Sometimes he imitated her Egyptian accent and deprecated her country women, causing her to get angry and bid him begone.
  • Her accent was polished, or her address would have been somewhat brusque; as it was, it only required, not requested, a reply.

Definition of Accent

(transitive) To express the accent of vocally; to utter with accent. | (transitive) To mark emphatically; to emphasize; to accentuate; to make prominent. | (transitive) To mark with written accents.
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