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  • Quels accents guerriers!
  • Her accents cut the silence.
  • All of the accents upon all the norms!
  • Words with hyphens and accents have been standardised.
  • The accents of her candor rebuked his skepticism.
  • A voice requested him in friendly accents to lie still.
  • Des accents d'ycelle.
  • There was a sweetness in her accents that was most persuasive.
  • The accents of her voice had seemed to tear at his very heart.
  • Some spellings and accents are used inconsistently throughout the text.
  • Peter called back in accents that entirely lacked their accustomed gaiety.
  • The author's use of accents was retained as printed.
  • A man's somewhat querulous accents reached him first.
  • The accents of that unknown tongue, Excelsior!
  • All this we were told at Wilhelmstrasse 76 in accents of touching sincerity.
  • Les gens doctes ont de coustume de faire seruir les accents en deux sortes.
  • So these are the accents of the Cynic, this his character, this his design.
  • But, Delia, more delightful still, Steal thine accents on mine ear.
  • Father!" said the son, soothingly, in accents of deepest sympathy.
  • When she arrived, in broken accents she asked, "Is there no hope?
  • But like hell's daybreak sickly dawning, His crafty accents came.
  • In pleading accents he begged her, "My daughter, have pity upon my gray hairs.

How To Use Accents In A Sentence?

  • Hume here accents difficultie on the antepenultimate instead of the first syllable.
  • Philippa replied in her gentlest accents that no girl should be seen without her mother.
  • Throughout the dialogues, there were words used to mimic accents of the speakers.
  • Although several of them owe much to him, most of the younger poets speak in accents of their own.
  • Above the confusing medley of sounds burst the wild accents of the blood-freezing war-whoop.
  • In particular, some words are used with accents in the index, but not in the main body.
  • He spoke with the accents of education which prompted Bill to continue the conversation.
  • With accents such as sorrow only knows, My griefs to tell is all my poor delight.
  • In that hour of tribulation his speech reverted to the homely accents of New England.
  • It is to be noted, too, that there are lines of three and even of two accents in Part I.
  • They declare in accents of relief that a situation has finally been reached where there can be no retreat.
  • We have corrected inconsistencies in the application of accents to the same word when repeated in the same grammatical context.
  • This and various other accents which are grave instead of acute follow the text of the original work.
  • Would that her own want of submission and resignation had not prevented her from hearing the dear accents in which that charge was conveyed!
  • Though the latter may vary from seven to twelve, yet in each line the accents will be found to be only four.
  • He began his address in the clear, cold accents of one who sets forth facts which can neither be controverted nor ignored.
  • The whole is very ably and broadly painted with that just and free touch and those spirited accents which characterize the technique of Teniers.
  • He listened, in a waking trance, to the clear, well-bred accents of a woman of his own people uttering the binding pledge of matrimony.

Definition of Accents

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of accent | plural of accent
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