Accentuated In A Sentence

Definition of Accentuated

simple past tense and past participle of accentuate

How To Use Accentuated In A Sentence?

  • Her great age was further accentuated by the terrible poverty that was revealed by her dress.
  • In every way she accentuated or obliterated nature in her efforts to render herself attractive.
  • The loneliness was intense, and seemed but accentuated by the presence of bird and beast.
  • The noise of the falling coals accentuated the tension which filled the quiet room like a gas.
  • She wore a large flowery hat, which accentuated the graceful slimness of her form.
  • She is finer by the heritage of her sex, and America has accentuated her title.
  • There is thus accentuated the need for mental training, as set forth previously in the Foreword.
  • This is merely an attempt to estimate the drift and tendency of the time as it has been accentuated by the war.
  • The massive proportions of the enormous car only accentuated the perfection of her streamline figure.
  • He had doffed his hat and the attitude of respect accentuated the quiet reserve of his tone and manner.
  • The above tendencies are accentuated in the attempt to estimate the comparative worth and position of individual tribes.
  • Beyond this the darkness of the village was accentuated by a light here and there, glimmering from the window of some cottage.
  • Each angle of the towers is accentuated by a cylindrical moulding, which adds to the firmness of its outlines.
  • No change of expression softened or accentuated the quiet hardness which overspread her naturally gentle face.
  • Its peace and beauty accentuated by contrast the drama of human misery that was in course in its quiet demesne.
  • All felt as if they had entered a house where there was a corpse, an illusion accentuated by an odor of wax and incense.
  • The joint agrarian program was a failure in that it accentuated precisely those issues on which neither of the parties could compromise.
  • Alphonse shrugged his shoulders and spread out his hands with a gesture of helplessness, further accentuated by the bandage on his wrist.
  • It was just these details, and the slowness of his speech, which alone accentuated his foreign origin.
  • The cessation of the noise made by the moving wheels and trotting horses accentuated to his ears the still silence of the night.
  • He was fairly tall, but slight, the narrowness of his face being accentuated by the closely-cropped beard.
  • The racket drew nearer and ceased; the hush that fell thereafter seemed only accentuated by the purling of the river.
  • His overwhelming apparel accentuated his peculiarities, his humorous gestures, his silent self-consciousness.
  • These distinctions were all the more accentuated by the absence both of other European peoples and of a definite middle class of any race.
  • The pleasant formality of this porch is accentuated by two close-clipped bay trees, one on either side of the step.
  • Her hair hung in two thick braids across her shoulders, and the straight lines of the yellow satin accentuated the youthfulness of her figure.
  • The earliest telescopic observations revealed the existence of more or less accentuated markings upon the surface of Mars.
  • Saying them to her was a great joy, and an indulgence, but it increased painfully his passionate feeling, making it more accentuated and acute.
  • The Jablochoff candle light which flooded the pilot room accentuated the haggardness of their features, which were a sickly cadaverous hue.
  • Our escort were equally fine men, that fearless look so characteristic of the Montenegrin race, being accentuated here.
  • Sometimes, as in the Egyptian sphinx, the natural resemblance of a stone to a living form has been accentuated and increased by art.
  • Miss Isabella allowed the fan to fall into her lap, and accentuated the hollowness of her thin cheek by pressing it in with one pointed finger.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Accentuated | Accentuated Sentence

  • His banishment only accentuated his popularity.
  • The smoke was accentuated on reaching the kitchen.
  • The marchesa accentuated each word with bitter emphasis.
  • This was a loose, soft robe that accentuated her beauty.
  • The very newness of everything accentuated its amazing loneliness.
  • The crackle of an ember accentuated the profound of silence that reigned.
  • The extreme pallor of his face was accentuated by large splotches of blood.
  • This is impressed upon us in an accentuated and acute degree in city living.

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