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  • Perhaps he will accept a temporary accommodation from me.
  • Nor would the girl accept a trousseau.
  • Pray accept anything you can get for the Variations.
  • Do accept my offer; it is, at least, something.
  • Won't you accept it without an explanation?
  • If you accept you must follow both of us blindly or else you will be killed.
  • They accept your suggestion, having nothing better of their own to offer.
  • By our rule we could not ask for office; we could not accept office.
  • But I can't conscientiously accept it.
  • Know then that I accept your offer and warn thee against failure.
  • If, however, you do not accept this offer, then, I say, beware of what you do.
  • I beg that Y.R.H. will graciously accept my congratulations.
  • He sent me a challenge once,' remarked Brant; 'I have now come to accept it.

How To Use Accept In A Sentence?

  • All was love and evil only had control of those few who did not accept the new ways.
  • But the characters of men are one-sided and accept this or that aspect of the truth.
  • But something in my mind refused from the outset to accept these determinations as final.
  • The public will accept a masterpiece, but it will not accept an attempt to write a masterpiece.
  • Though by royal decree the traders were bidden accept the money, yet did they refuse it.
  • She would accept the milder joys, the daily miracles, the fulfilled adventures.
  • Perhaps it's only in the name, but I'd rather not accept such a menial position.
  • I accept with pleasure the proposal to write a new symphony for the Philharmonic Society.
  • Deign then, for my sake, to accept this plea, And grant me some remission from my labor.
  • How could you possibly accept such a proposal from our churlish landlord when accompanied by a threat?
  • She had determined to accept this duty that was so clear to her; and there was money now to ease the way.
  • Gray's face cleared as he forced himself to accept this explanation as the true one.
  • Here life and liberty were offered, and the victims were implored by those whom they most loved to accept of them.
  • We accept your homage with all due appreciation, and trust you will ever persevere in your loyalty.
  • So, while we still have this mock service from these people, we should accept it in our own mock way.
  • An odd question if it had been put by a man; but he had been trained to accept the fact that women are different.
  • Its owner readily agreed to accept five pounds for it, taking in its stead one of the guns in the store.
  • They were kinder than we deserved, but we thought it prying and patronage, and would not accept what we could not return.
  • Pray accept my heartfelt thanks for the zeal, rectitude, and integrity with which you have conducted the education of my nephew.
  • I was obliged to give my minor works to those who took the greater ones also, as without the former they refused to accept the latter.
  • My circumstances do not permit me to accept a less sum from you; all that I can do is to give you the preference.
  • Fortunately, I am not compelled to accept the great misfortune and bow to the assumptions of a ruling race.
  • But the philosopher, who resided at Bokhara, testified little inclination to accept of the favour intended him.
  • Although she was anxious not to accept any privileges on account of her wealth, Miranda thought she would occupy the spare chamber.
  • Thanks for your wish to be of service to me, but never would I accept anything whatever from so highly esteemed an artist as yourself.
  • Why should I offer to give her up to him who, likely enough, would not accept the offer when it was made to him?
  • I beg your Majesty will vouchsafe to accept this work as a slender token of the profound admiration with which I regard your virtues.

Definition of Accept

(obsolete) Accepted. | (transitive) To receive, especially with a consent, with favour, or with approval. | (transitive) To admit to a place or a group.
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