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Definition of Acceptability

The quality of being acceptable; acceptableness. | (military) Operation plan review criterion. The determination as to whether the contemplated course of action is worth the cost in manpower, materiel, and time involved; is consistent with the law of war; and is militarily and politically supportable. (JP 1-02 Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms)

How To Use Acceptability In A Sentence?

  • The third requirement, therefore, is acceptability with respect to the consequences as to costs.
  • The same considerations and the same safeguard apply with respect to acceptability of the consequences.
  • The conclusive tests are now made for suitability, for feasibility, and for acceptability as to consequences.
  • The specific factors involved in acceptability as to consequences have previously been mentioned (page 31).
  • Each of the tasks, as now listed, is tested for suitability, for feasibility, and for acceptability with respect to the consequences as to costs.
  • With regard to acceptability of consequences as to costs, the commander considers the following: (1) General.
  • Moreover, action with reference to one or more physical objectives is the necessary basis for determining the feasibility and acceptability of a plan.
  • Finally, the requirement of acceptability as to the factor of consequences will call for consideration of the results of the allotments of forces to particular tasks.
  • With this understanding there is provided a sound basis for the determination, later, of the feasibility of courses of action and of their acceptability with respect to consequences as to costs.
  • A similar study with respect to the acceptability of the consequences to be expected, as to the costs involved in the operation, will provide a basis for a conclusion as to that factor.
  • He therefore draws up a list of retained courses and classifies them according to the degree of their suitability, of their feasibility, and of their acceptability with respect to consequences.
  • A selection shown to be best, from the standpoint of suitability, feasibility, and acceptability of the consequences, will be adopted as the decision.
  • Having listed pertinent enemy courses of action as described above, the commander next tests them for suitability, for feasibility, and for acceptability as to their consequences.

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