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  • Sanitary accommodation worse than scanty.
  • Perhaps he will accept a temporary accommodation from me.
  • At Lai-t'eo-p'o accommodation at night was fairly good.
  • In Tysoe Street, however, no accommodation could be found.
  • Sleeping accommodation in the hills suggests little comfort.
  • There's no other accommodation within twenty miles.
  • She knew that there was an accommodation train due soon after the express.
  • You would think it was left for the special accommodation of rats!
  • When accommodation failed in the overcrowded house, the men slept in the barn.
  • It has stalls for horses, and good accommodation for European travellers.

How To Use Accommodation In A Sentence?

  • There not being accommodation for them, the other servants have been left on shore.
  • I will give you a letter to him, and he will see after the accommodation of your horse.
  • They selected from the packages in the accommodation basket enough things for a feed.
  • In those hovels there were neither accommodation nor supplies, and we decided to push on.
  • Another point, in which we notice accommodation to existing usage, is that of sacrifice.
  • The last chance of an accommodation with the Republican party was now utterly gone.
  • He bundled them into the accommodation basket, and was in his place almost as soon as Dave.
  • Every accommodation in the way of dry clothing was supplied them, and they met in the saloon of the brig to embrace, in the transport of grateful hearts.
  • In return for this accommodation he was, of course, to make H.S.M. the usual acknowledgment!
  • I was told that there were more children attending than they had accommodation for, but they disliked to turn any of them away.
  • Instead, the isolated arrests revealed that the criminals were provided with special accommodation and superior fare.
  • Inside, there is accommodation for two milk vessels, each with a capacity of about two thirds of a pint.
  • Sleeping accommodation extraordinary: beds made from boughs by prisoners and superposed in two or three tiers.
  • The hospital accommodation at the camp was very poor, and a lieutenant was sent out to a hospital in the town to have his little finger amputated.
  • When the whole expedition is here there will be a complete dead-lock, unless a very great increase of landing accommodation is afforded.
  • It is characteristic of these small places that the greater the traffic the worse, invariably, is the accommodation offered.
  • Fat native merchants vied with lean and timid ones in noisy effort to secure accommodation on a train already crowded to the limit.
  • About the same that we paid, out of the season, in London for the miserable accommodation we had there.
  • This room served for the abode of the storekeeper, for the transaction of business, and for the accommodation of the perennial casual guest.
  • Indeed the contrast of my appearance with the accommodation which I sought might well have awakened suspicion.
  • The cottages were in a shameful state of disrepair; the rents were exorbitantly high for the accommodation given....
  • The steamers on this service are about 2,500 tons, 2,400 horse-power, with large accommodation for passengers.
  • Must be of entirely German manufacture, with ample and comfortable seating accommodation for pilot and passenger.
  • Eight new barracks of one storey have been erected (four being already occupied), affording accommodation for 120 men each.
  • In Bombay Government are giving money for the extension of the boarding accommodation of the three chief colleges.
  • It is now, as I mentioned, maintained by private donations, and by the salaries paid for the accommodation of the richer patients.
  • We found an improvement at Enzelli in the form of a hotel kept by a Greek, with accommodation good enough to be very welcome.
  • Endeavours are being continually made on estates to prepare sheet of such a size as to obtain the maximum benefit of space both in smoke-house accommodation and in packing.
  • This little village has of late been the resort of a considerable number of genteel company, for which bathing-machines and every accommodation have been provided.
  • Let me here give the reader a brief description of the accommodation provided for travellers by his Imperial Majesty the Shah.

Definition of Accommodation

(chiefly Britain, usually a mass noun) Lodging in a dwelling or similar living quarters afforded to travellers in hotels or on cruise ships, or prisoners, etc. | (physical) Adaptation or adjustment. | (personal) Adaptation or adjustment.
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