Accommodation in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Accommodation

1. Sanitary accommodation worse than scanty. 🔊

2. At Lai-t'eo-p'o accommodation at night was fairly good. 🔊

3. In Tysoe Street, however, no accommodation could be found. 🔊

4. You would think it was left for the special accommodation of rats! 🔊

5. She knew that there was an accommodation train due soon after the express. 🔊

6. It has stalls for horses, and good accommodation for European travellers. 🔊

How to use Accommodation in Sentences?

1. There not being accommodation for them, the other servants have been left on shore. 🔊

2. They selected from the packages in the accommodation basket enough things for a feed. 🔊

3. In those hovels there were neither accommodation nor supplies, and we decided to push on. 🔊

4. Another point, in which we notice accommodation to existing usage, is that of sacrifice. 🔊

5. The last chance of an accommodation with the Republican party was now utterly gone. 🔊

6. He bundled them into the accommodation basket, and was in his place almost as soon as Dave. 🔊

7. Every accommodation in the way of dry clothing was supplied them, and they met in the saloon of the brig to embrace, in the transport of grateful hearts. 🔊

8. In return for this accommodation he was, of course, to make H.S.M. the usual acknowledgment! 🔊

9. Instead, the isolated arrests revealed that the criminals were provided with special accommodation and superior fare. 🔊

10. Sleeping accommodation extraordinary: beds made from boughs by prisoners and superposed in two or three tiers. 🔊

11. It is characteristic of these small places that the greater the traffic the worse, invariably, is the accommodation offered. 🔊

12. The hospital accommodation at the camp was very poor, and a lieutenant was sent out to a hospital in the town to have his little finger amputated. 🔊

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