Accommodations in a sentence

Definition of Accommodations

plural of accommodation

How to use Accommodations in a Sentence?

  • But the prospect of hard fare and worse accommodations did not trouble him at all.
  • A reasonable additional price is charged for accommodations in this luxurious style.
  • Sitting accommodations should be furnished for them, as well as for those who may not be dancing.
  • Bromeling himself has accommodations in the first style for one hundred and thirty persons.
  • We had satisfactory accommodations at the hotel, which is one of the few good houses there.
  • And the same exclamation may every man make who surveys the common accommodations of life.
  • Figure 34, represents the accommodations for securing water with the least labor.
  • It took them two days to go and return, and there were only rough accommodations at the ranch.
  • Your speculation in lots, your accommodations and the fortunes you are going to make, are humbugs.
  • In these verses, says Minim, we have two striking accommodations of the sound to the sense.
  • For cabin accommodations the charge is from $4 to $5 a day, and $20 to $25 a week.
  • The accommodations for the party were ready on their arrival, and even the luncheon was on the table.
  • They were obliged to live in poor tenements and under unhealthful conditions because accommodations of another class were withheld from them.
  • Sailing vessels have no proper accommodations for the mails, and can not fairly be forced either to transport or to deliver them.
  • There are accommodations for keeping animals, and miniature tools to do mechanical labor of various kinds.
  • This would furnish accommodations for a maximum of 10 or 12 families or a total population of 50 or 60 persons.
  • With these exceptions, in this great four-storied building were situated all the most magnificent and palatial accommodations of the ship.
  • Every inn is crowded, and those unable to get other accommodations encamp around the theatre in their various vehicles.
  • Nay, in fact, its already scanty force and accommodations have been actually reduced at a time when most required.
  • The housing facilities for negroes, though not the best, are superior to such accommodations in most southern cities.
  • There is fine fishing, too, in its immediate vicinity, and its hotel accommodations also are very good.
  • The government, in its housing projects, provided accommodations for the single girls similar to those provided for single men.
  • No better accommodations than he had, were to be found in the building, and the Maynards had to accept second-best.
  • Their doors are ever open to the stranger, and, in many cases, they take the offer of payment for their accommodations as an insult.
  • She had accommodations for some, but she was primarily a freighter, detoured this trip to carry a cargo of oil to the Argentine capital.
  • Its accommodations for visitors of all classes are most excellent, including, as they do, one of the best hotels in the Territory.
  • I left my luggage at the parcel-room and started out to find a hotel, where I could have the best accommodations for the smallest amount of money.
  • In the first place, the accommodations of even the largest Opera-houses are not such that 10,000 people could be present at any one performance.
  • This, however, is no more so than in continental Europe, where, though the accommodations are better, the general treatment is the same.
  • About 40 miles below the Spur we found good accommodations at Heyfield, which we enjoyed after the long jolting ride.

Short Example Sentence for Accommodations

  • The accommodations for travellers are of course improved.
  • Back-door accommodations to, 276.
  • All needful Accommodations should be provided.
  • A plan for back accommodations is shown in Fig.
  • The accommodations described on page 275, (Fig.
  • It should be understood that the accommodations were of the rudest character.
  • And the accommodations at that unspeakable tavern are absolutely appalling.
  • For the older guests, less unconventional accommodations may be devised.
  • However, I will offer you the best accommodations the camp affords.
  • Mr. H.'s account of the accommodations on the road in his Bath journey.

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