Accomplice In A Sentence

Definition of Accomplice

(law) An associate in the commission of a crime; a participator in an offense, whether a principal or an accessory. | (rare) A cooperator.

How To Use Accomplice In A Sentence?

  • Nothing was easier than to switch off the train if an accomplice was at the points.
  • Notice that the accomplice is punished more heavily than the principal culprit.
  • And her own uncle was the friend and the actual accomplice of the real criminal.
  • It had not occurred to him that his former accomplice would be dragged down in his fall.
  • Thereupon a young lad who had been his accomplice came forward and told the story.
  • His consciousness of pure aims allows him to become an accomplice in the worst crimes.
  • I was one day his accomplice in omitting to enforce a duty which we were appointed to supervise.
  • Then the accomplice came back through the chapel, which opened into this same hall.
  • He had also furnished me capital and was become my confederate, an accomplice in my frauds.
  • Who, when all was said and done, had served as his accomplice or his executioner?
  • Or had I made myself the accomplice of the murderer in not denouncing his abominable crime?
  • But in that case, instead of a 'witness,' she would have become an accomplice herself.
  • His accomplice would get off with a sound swishing, for which, of course, he himself was too old.
  • An insurrection breaks out in Italy, and you are at once thought to be its accomplice in France.
  • You must have brought your accomplice to hide in the barn and do the work while you played the gentleman!
  • He already saw himself in prison as an accomplice to this act which in his simplicity he considered a crime.
  • Even the theory of an accomplice living in the house did not do much to make the phenomenon easier to understand.
  • If you lie still, you are considered as an accomplice in the measures in which you silently acquiesce.
  • He was in honor bound to undeceive the kind-hearted and unwitting accomplice of the fraud practiced on herself as well as on him.
  • Not for another hour could he begin operations, and all he and his accomplice had to do was to sit and wait.
  • My winter night was at an end, that terrible night which had been an accomplice in the murder of my wife and son.
  • To be silent in certain circumstances makes us the accomplice of sin; to speak out frees us from responsibility.
  • For no sooner had Muriel dressed and come downstairs than the accomplice walked straight into the house.
  • He understood why she left him, or thought so; it was because she knew he undertook risks and might suffer as his accomplice if they were caught.
  • The proper feeling shown by his former accomplice called forth Leslie's sympathy.
  • Judging from the smell, Copley was smoking in the dining-room whilst his accomplice was preparing the supper.
  • Has anything ever been ascribed to the agency of Satan himself which could more clearly render him an accomplice in the sins of men?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Accomplice | Accomplice Sentence

  • Steinheil and her accomplice needed for their scheme.
  • The accomplice is yourself, my beauty.
  • The whole thing was arranged with their accomplice inside.
  • Her accomplice was Gaetano.
  • What with one lie and another, I became his accomplice .
  • There it was that she had scored him for making her an accomplice of trickery.
  • How dare you consider me as an accomplice in your odious designs?
  • Had he not gone straight to the place where the accomplice had agreed to wait?
  • I wonder if they've really got an accomplice in the house?
  • In each town he had an accomplice who dare not, if he would, betray him.
  • Once again Florence and her accomplice had tried to get rid of him.
  • When his accomplice had gone away, Bradley crossed over to old Welborne.
  • Was it an accomplice of Arsene Lupin, a friend of Florence, one of the police?

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