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  • Then he accosts his father.
  • Your father, I suppose, accosts you thus.
  • If any one accosts you on the road put no trust in any professions.
  • He accosts her with evident pleasure, and is allowed a shake of the hand.
  • He accosts me, when in the company of friends, with repulsive freedom.

How To Use Accosts In A Sentence?

  • Every man looks suddenly and sharply around him, and accosts himself and his neighbors, to ascertain if they are all parties to this corruption.
  • The colonel, meantime, accosts the driver: "What took that man away so suddenly?
  • The woman no doubt having often seen him walking erect, and talking and reasoning, therefore she testifies no sort of surprise when he accosts her in the language related in the text.

Definition of Accosts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of accost | plural of accost
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