Accountant in a sentence

Definition of Accountant

(obsolete) Accountable. | One who renders account; one accountable. | A reckoner, or someone who maintains financial matters for a person(s).

How to use Accountant in a Sentence?

  • You said just now that perhaps some day you might make me accountant in your shop.
  • The accountant did not have to scratch his head; apparently he was prepared to act deliberately.
  • After that, it would take a chartered accountant at least 122-214 days to check his figures.
  • Since that date practising as a certified public accountant in New York City.
  • As Evan passed Charon, the accountant did not raise his head; nor did Castle lift his.
  • The differentiation between capital and revenue charges is perhaps the most difficult problem which the accountant has to face.
  • What little work he undertook was haggled at in spasms and usually left for the accountant to finish.
  • When the clearing men on the machines registered a bill with exchange they laid it aside for the accountant to see.
  • No committeeman or officer receives any remuneration for his services, except that the accountant gets a small salary.
  • A professor of languages would be made chief accountant, while an expert accountant was put in charge of a moving-picture machine.
  • There was an enormous amount of business to be attended to at the Legation, and not even a copying clerk or an accountant to aid in dispatching it.
  • You will see that said accountant entrusts this to said treasurer, as aforesaid, in your presence, observing therein the order as before stated.
  • Robb and Key looked at one another, the assistant accountant gone, then burst out laughing simultaneously.
  • RATHBONE appears to have been kept by the Accountant in state of constant surprise.
  • One of them deliberately bolted the door, and the other marched up to the counter and presented a pistol at the head of the accountant who stood behind it.
  • The accountant alleged with too unmeasured language that he and his associates had the authority to dismiss the clerks, since they were the ones who proposed them.
  • This section of the Course should enable any executive or accountant to determine what accounting methods are best adapted to his own line of business.
  • For the computation of its accounts, the senior accountant of the royal officials serves, in accordance with the terms of the above-mentioned royal decree.
  • The accountant who went over his books and papers found that large transactions had taken place between Silwood and a certain James Russell.
  • The accountant does not always go after the same facts as the sales manager, and even with the same facts the two are likely to draw quite different conclusions as to their bearing on a general policy.
  • The man to whom V. W. Charon was speaking trembled slightly, not from fear of the accountant but under the influence of alcohol.
  • What is to be said is that the accountant and treasurer are very poor; and that the offices in the Yndias are not worth anything unless one steals, and they do not do that.

Short Example Sentence for Accountant

  • The accountant stared at him.
  • The accountant nodded approvingly.
  • The accountant had little glittering eyes.
  • Evidently the accountant had kept the matter quiet.
  • Nelson was teller and accountant in a branch of four.
  • The Accountant and his assistants.
  • The accountant brought the cheque to Nelson.
  • Conversations with this Accountant set forth at length.
  • I mean Hilarus, an accountant and a client of your own.
  • Maynebrace gave the representative of the accountant branch a look of scorn.
  • The inspector-general and accountant shall note everything in their books.
  • Up to about a year ago this young man was head accountant for his company.
  • Began to think that perhaps the Accountant was hidden down there.
  • Anonymous Accountant seemed to have brought him completely under a spell.
  • As the accountant held out his hand Peter delivered up the card.
  • I'm too sick to value what I own, and no accountant can.
  • Antonio de Coca, accountant of the fleet, was a party to the conspiracy.
  • He's a smart young chap, and an A-1 accountant at figgers.