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  • No substantial power accrued to the legislative.
  • Her property accrued to her husband to be kept in trust for the children.

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  • This accrued to them not from nature but from nurture, and was acquired in their bringing up.
  • In all over $22,000,000 besides other millions of accrued interest were repudiated.
  • Grandma gazed all ways, still cheerful, and their baggage accrued about them as a rampart.
  • Its $33,000,000 with accrued interest had amounted to about $45,000,000 in 1870.
  • But although I had models made of some, and wrote about others, no good results accrued to me.
  • Many of the books had accrued in the latter years of the last clergyman's lifetime.
  • It is said that the profits which accrued to him from his long contracts amounted to about half a million of money.
  • He was obliged to send out a dozen cables of notification of the loss, all of which had to be paid out of accrued dividends.
  • The blinding burst of genius at the time of the Renaissance was the breaking forth of the accrued power of generations.
  • The expedition, however, was unproductive of all anticipated results and no profit accrued to Burton.
  • The difficulties and sufferings, which have accrued to American women, from this cause, are almost incalculable.
  • The request was granted, and the sum with its accrued interest, amounting to $45,482.83, was thus distributed by him.
  • Everyone knows how many nights it ran, and the Press from time to time tells its readers what were the profits from it that accrued to the author.
  • No interest had been paid during the War, and the accrued interest was funded in 1865, 1869, and 1873.
  • Henry II. confirmed all privileges and gifts which had accrued to the hospital, and added to them himself.
  • Indeed, it became manifest that implied as well as expressed powers accrued to the National Government.
  • But as that portion of the spoils which accrued to the colony was not claimed, the money was used to stimulate the zeal and vigilance of the customs-officers.
  • An allowance for such profit ought to be made but in this case the object is to eliminate from the gross receipts such profits as have in any manner accrued from or by reason of the inventions claimed in the patents.
  • One material advantage immediately accrued from this expedition, by the recal of the enemy's fleet to Sackett's Harbour.
  • Octavian was of course not unaware of the advantage that accrued to the ruler through the Oriental theory of absolutism, and furtively accepted all such expressions.
  • Besides the direct object of cleansing the ship, another advantage accrued from the discovery of every leaky place existing, by the oozing of the water through it.
  • Once in a month, or at any other times when convenient, the account can be settled, and the balance, with the accrued interest, carried to a new account.

Definition of Accrued

Having increased through accrual; having risen over time or due to financial transactions. | simple past tense and past participle of accrue
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