Accuracy In A Sentence

Definition of Accuracy

The state of being accurate; being free from mistakes, this exemption arising from carefulness; exactness; correctness | Exact conformity to truth, or to a rule or model; degree of conformity of a measure to a true or standard value.

How To Use Accuracy In A Sentence?

  • I described with the minutest accuracy things that had not the faintest significance.
  • These stories have been told with accuracy and the book has proved popular with children.
  • The first year of the war has amply demonstrated the accuracy of their calculations.
  • The storekeeper regarded his customer quizzically and spat with surprising accuracy into the box.
  • So far as we have proceeded the accuracy of this calculation depends upon two dates only.
  • With mathematical accuracy the old man filled the two tumblers with boiling water.
  • But the men were too far away to aim with any degree of accuracy and the shot went wild.
  • Communication takes place with accuracy (among human beings) only by means of words.
  • They are splendid artillery-men, however, and actually beat ours in accuracy of fire.
  • The men have learned accuracy and comprehension, logic, and pace, or speed of working.
  • The man had been either an American or an Englishman, for all his accuracy in the tongue.
  • Of course it must be plainly understood that the accuracy of this estimate is not admitted by the cats themselves.
  • If the larger geographical concepts are to have accuracy and richness for the child he must have his attention directed to his surroundings.
  • By reason of his out-door life he has accuracy of eye and judgment sufficient to interpret what he sees aright.
  • A very strong wind was blowing, and it was difficult therefore to form any opinion of the accuracy of aim attainable.
  • I shall not here stop to point out how the very accuracy of exact science gives better aim than the preceding state of things could give.
  • The priest gravely vouched for the accuracy of this narrative, and Clement made a note of it in his parchment roll.
  • To estimate with any thing like accuracy the losses caused among the Indian tribes is a matter of considerable difficulty.
  • It was a construction of excellent workmanship which still stands practically intact, testifying to the accuracy of the early Hebrew tradition.
  • The latter represents clusters of grapes, olives, figs, and pomegranates with the accuracy of a miniature, and in a free and natural style.
  • She reviewed her daily task, the perpetual demands upon her for good sense, self-control, and accuracy in a house containing a romantic mother.
  • Like a stone wall the men under Quinnox stood their ground; a solid, defiant line that fired with telling accuracy into the struggling horde.
  • When called on for an explanation, Senor de Lome admitted having written the letter but questioned the accuracy of the translation.
  • My duty is, simply to give a plain narrative of facts, which I have done with fidelity, and with as much accuracy as circumstances would permit.
  • The speech was reported in the ordinary way, and the proof was limited to the good faith of the reporters and the general accuracy of the printed report in the newspapers.
  • His drawings surpass all others in accuracy and spirit, while his enthusiasm and devotion to the work he had undertaken, have but few parallels in the history of science.
  • He told me that the horse pleased him more than ever, he having examined his points with more accuracy than he had an opportunity of doing on the first occasion, concluding by pressing me to buy him.
  • What occurred there has been told me with the utmost accuracy by some one who had been closely connected with it, and who, most unwittingly, had brought things to a head.
  • These qualities were clearness of thought, accuracy and readiness of memory, directness of expression and the absence of remarks in the nature of exaggeration or embellishment.
  • He stopped for a single moment, so as to notice the wonderful accuracy with which fancy had impressed upon the bodily eye the peculiarities of dress and posture of the illustrious poet.
  • It outlines with such accuracy and precision the features of his face and the pose of his head that nothing is wanted, in the opinion of his friends, to make it a correct likeness.
  • Ashley could guess with tolerable accuracy that the ladies whom he saw ostensibly reading or sewing on verandas had been invited to the wedding, and were consequently now in the position of spectators at a play.
  • In the field of the intellect, the community must take care that thoroughness of training and accuracy of information is rigidly demanded and not thrust out by an easy-going superficiality.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Accuracy | Accuracy Sentence

  • Hence the necessity for accuracy in blazoning.
  • Of her own honesty and accuracy there can be no question.
  • Indicates with the same accuracy high and low speeds.
  • Their accuracy is frequently open to question.
  • But its accuracy is largely confined to the recent periods.
  • For the purpose of the practical physician such accuracy would be superfluous.
  • They bet freely on the speed of a horse or the accuracy of their aim.

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