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How To Use Accuracy Of In A Sentence?

  • And as to the accuracy of his vision in these respects there could be no question.
  • It is impossible to conceive a more perfect verification of the accuracy of these interpretations!
  • Their confidence in him increased a hundredfold by this proof of the accuracy of his foresight.
  • For it is only in that most rigidly studied accuracy of action that any freedom can be attained.
  • It is only fair to add that the moles do not admit the accuracy of these figures.
  • It is very difficult to reduce a speech to the accuracy of a written composition.
  • No practical difference in the accuracy of fire was discernible under either condition.
  • Nor is the accuracy of this statement impaired by the speculative character of modern trade.
  • The first year of the war has amply demonstrated the accuracy of their calculations.
  • He was not himself a witness of the occurrence, but vouches for the accuracy of the report.
  • The presiding magistrate was assisted by two others who checked the accuracy of the proceedings.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Accuracy Of | Accuracy Of Sentence

  • The accuracy of representation.
  • Accuracy of aim was impossible.
  • Volume and accuracy of gunfire won the day.
  • The substantial accuracy of this is sustained by my data.
  • He chuckled darkly over the accuracy of the phrase.
  • A scrivener saw to the accuracy of the division.
  • The accuracy of his perceptions might be questioned.
  • You may entirely rely on the accuracy of the facts stated.
  • The familiar three-hole test, for accuracy of aim.
  • He saw the accuracy of the Southern gunners.
  • History repeats, but not with the accuracy of Love.
  • A correspondent questions the accuracy of MR.
  • But for all that the accuracy of his observation is undeniable.
  • Nothing is more necessary in these researches than accuracy of statement.
  • Rickie filled them in with the slowness and the accuracy of a child.
  • And in each case all depends on the accuracy of this assumption.
  • I am now quite envious of the accuracy of my lobbing in those days.
  • The accuracy of these experiments has been alternately denied and affirmed.
  • This fact led at once to a suspicion of the accuracy of the whole.
  • The experiment had worked out with the accuracy of a geometric problem.
  • He ought to have been proud of the accuracy of his mental adjustments.
  • The editor has assumed all responsibility for the accuracy of the copy.
  • Under such circumstances you can hardly demand accuracy of representation.
  • This prevents disputes with regard to the accuracy of your arithmetic.
  • They bet freely on the speed of a horse or the accuracy of their aim.
  • No effort has been spared to secure accuracy of statement in the text.
  • There never was necessity for accuracy of line in the portraiture of women.
  • In the first place the accuracy of the form makes it an excellent model.
  • May, the course of events attested the accuracy of this forecast.
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