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  • Where there is no accuser there can be no judge.
  • The accuser stood and looked about him until we approached.
  • Moreover, their accuser was to be punished.
  • Polly sighed, waving her accuser away.
  • Or je ne veux accuser ni contrister personne.
  • It is not essential that the accuser should be a Mason.
  • Viola Carwell was like a stem accuser now.
  • Constantia asked if Monthault was the accuser of Eustace.
  • Sir, you ought not to sit Judge and Accuser too.
  • He tossed back his head and looked his infuriated accuser boldly in the face.
  • Qui l'en veut accuser sans peine la surprend.
  • I speak not in the language of the professional accuser but in plain Latin.
  • Public accuser before the Revolutionary Tribunal.--ED.

How To Use Accuser In A Sentence?

  • The next morning she once more called upon her accuser and petitioned him for help.
  • And he cautioned him to be careful, lest he should be counted an accuser of the brethren.
  • He gathered her in his arms, and looked once into the pallid face of her accuser and destroyer.
  • So long as the accuser came into court with a completely clean mind, he was safe.
  • Ceci explique la merveille qui fit accuser de mensonge les anciens navigateurs.
  • The accuser then stated the charge, which was admitted, or denied, by the accused.
  • As soon as my only accuser was fairly locked up, I occasionally resumed my dress and wig.
  • There is the throne of God, and to that throne comes Satan as the accuser of the brethren.
  • The accuser puts his point plainly enough; in three letters, as the Romans would say.
  • You will find that if the lady has a malignant accuser she has also indignant and powerful defenders.
  • But it may act as his accuser before that body, and impeach him for any offense that he may have committed.
  • If the accuser had convicted the accused, he forthwith prayed the count to grant him a just sentence.
  • Have they not in many instances been confined in a fortress or prison-ship without being told who is their accuser or what is the accusation?
  • The grave has closed over accuser and accused, and the only thing that matters is that a great mind was permitted to function.
  • A public accuser recounted the history of their lives, and threw the penetrating light of truth on all their actions.
  • If the persons are burned, then their punishment is proceeded with; and if not, the accuser is obliged to make requital.
  • There was not such a duellist in the kingdom, and the Captain would call his accuser out and kill him.
  • He stood erect, haughty, scornful; it might seem as though he were the accuser and not the accused.
  • I am blamed for having hindered their accuser to bring forth evidence by which he should prove the Senate guilty of treason.
  • Yet, the accuser urged, are not theories of life which thus jeopardise the happiness of human souls theories which it is criminal to hold?
  • At one time the bold accuser of Despotism, she has with marvellous celerity turned to the inthralment of oppressed races.
  • Now and then Sam glanced at his friend as if to ask that his story be credited, and the accuser kept a strict watch over every movement.
  • It may seem a bold, but it is a conscientious opinion, that no single author, whether an accuser or a defender, has been entirely successful.
  • The accuser could prevent the accused from clearing himself thus easily, by offering himself and six compurgators to swear to the truth of his charge.
  • Viswamitra, the tempter and accuser as represented in the Vedas, appears in the council of the gods, face to face with Indra.
  • That the accuser should be permitted to plead three times to the once with which the accused is but imperfectly indulged, though it may be law, is most flagrant injustice.

Definition of Accuser

One who accuses; one who brings a charge of crime or fault.
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