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  • What are you accusing me of?
  • Hers was no accusing heart.
  • What was he accusing the man of?
  • Each was accusing the other of having tried to sing.
  • They were accusing him of playing false.
  • There is no accusing spirit to disturb their repose.
  • She told it off with low and accusing enunciation.
  • And yet the public instinct is right in accusing me.
  • I demanded sternly, pointing an accusing finger at him.
  • That he was accusing Aunt Isabel and making her cry?
  • No one out of the Black Valley thinks of accusing you.
  • They're accusing us of bigamy!
  • Can't you stop accusing yourself of some evil factor?
  • Thrombley began accusing our driver of trying to murder the lot of us.
  • If the whole world stood here accusing you would we know it any the better?
  • She's accusing me, and all the time it's you doing the talking.
  • And I'm not accusing you of anything.
  • Even Archie found it safer to remain out of reach of her accusing eye.
  • And the Admiral, without a glance at the accusing clock, went back.
  • Suddenly Cherry gave a scream, and pointed an accusing finger at Loveday.
  • They slandered David, accusing him of Liberalism, Atheism, and what not.

How To Use Accusing In A Sentence?

  • The marquise could only own her terrors by accusing her husband and her brothers-in-law.
  • Their accusing attitudes had vanished, however, and they both seemed even a trifle sheepish.
  • He secured a new view on his play, also, with its accusing defiance of dramatic law and custom.
  • I felt myself crumbling; I felt myself shrinking away to nothing under that accusing gaze.
  • While accusing us of being boasters, the British had quite equalled us at anything of that kind.
  • So almost accusing was the look in her eyes that Mr. Smith actually blinked a little.
  • The Holy Father whom he had attacked was being avenged upon Luther by an accusing conscience.
  • The light of her accusing young eyes pierced the armor of his defence, and he fell upon his knees before her.
  • Instantly the blood from the opened wound spirted up, covering my hand and sleeve with the accusing stains you see!
  • How was he, a stranger in a foreign land, to totally defend himself against an accusing of mistaken justice?
  • Now these men you are annoying, and accusing their opinion as atheistical, and charging them with sundry other things which we cannot prove.
  • He bent an injured and accusing side-glance upon that unconscious old lady, which was a study to see.
  • If you want to take the consequences of accusing me of murder, well, that's your affair.
  • He is, however, far from accusing them, in this variation, of the smallest degree of inconsistency.
  • They had been taken, and were lying in prison without any hope of their lives, when they hit on the plan of accusing their former associates.
  • I was a devil; my violin was a devil," and the shadows on the wall swayed like accusing spirits.
  • He had not even been introduced to the girl, and here she was, as crude as life and as intemperate, accusing him of indifference and falsehood.
  • Gambetta made some bitter attacks on the Royalists, accusing them of mauvaise foi and want of patriotism.
  • Without accusing Archie, she made the judge nevertheless comprehend why she no longer could bear his name.

Definition of Accusing

Accusatory. | present participle of accuse | Accusation.
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