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  • Nature has in this insect achieved the very acme and culmination of repulsive villainy.
  • Such a return for her services seemed to him but the acme of selfishness and ingratitude.
  • From that hour they were doomed in her estimation as the acme of wickedness and vice.
  • He who does not hold his vocation as the acme of all attraction is indeed a perfect man.
  • For its purpose the position chosen was ideal, but it could hardly be called the acme of comfort.
  • For myself I can say that the place appeared the acme of the romantic and picturesque.
  • In his snowy suit, sombrero in hand, he was the acme of cool politeness and courtesy.
  • Sir William had to possess a treasure of art for it to give him the acme of pleasure.
  • On the one hand, it is said to be the acme of comfort; on the other, the essence of unrest.
  • He has, however, or should have, another aim wherein is displayed the acme of hermeneutic art.
  • The acme of discomfort and vexation was realized on the five-mile march from the Rudewa branch.
  • Even those who have never experienced the bliss of tasting them know them by reputation as the acme of all that is delicious.
  • Among a host of others, he had chosen one that appealed to him as the acme of what a motorcycle should be.
  • But he did not doubt that it was the present acme of alien construction, and he was eager to see it perform.
  • More than one master of oarsmanship has declared that good pair-oar rowing is the acme of oarsmanship.
  • In her not turbulent or passionate nature, the acme of its capacity for emotional suffering had been reached.
  • Such men regard themselves as the acme of the process: whatever modifications may supervene after their day will be deteriorations.
  • We grew daily more impatient to move into our new house, which now appeared to us the acme of comfort.
  • It is the very acme of studied simplicity, of elegance made out of nothing, of the most immaculate and incredible cleanliness.
  • Nance conducted him to her writing desk, which was always the acme of neatness, and well stocked with stationery.
  • The walls grew straighter, and they grew higher till the gorge assumed proportions that seemed to me the acme of the stupendous and magnificent.
  • Lerton always dressed in the acme of fashion, running considerably to fads in clothes, appearing almost effeminate at times.
  • In social and political life this acme is inter-dependence; in moral life it is independence; in intellectual life it is genius.
  • We had a very favorable voyage, and sailing in the trade winds in the Southern hemisphere was to me the very acme of bliss.
  • It is disagreeable enough to lie on a perfectly level surface, like that of a floor, but the acme of discomfort is to lie upon a convexity.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Acme | Acme Sentence

  • Their attitude was the acme of alertness.
  • There was fixed the acme of his dilemma.
  • That is the acme of perfection in our art.
  • To do this is the acme of homogeneous rowing.
  • He had reached at this time the acme of his power.
  • To listen to them is the acme of musical delight.
  • They stand unrivaled as the very acme of musical art.
  • With one rush, he had reached the very acme of happiness.
  • The acme of team work....
  • The Peruvians are the acme of politeness.
  • The Acme is a good example of this class of harrow.
  • Here the guests are supposed to reach the acme of ease and comfort.
  • The very acme of pleasure is reached, in riding over such a delightful road!
  • The apartment was very bare, mannish, and scarcely the acme of neatness.
  • Why, it was almost as bad as that acme of horrors, a chimney-pot hat!

Definition of Acme

The top or highest point; pinnacle; culmination. [c. 1610] | (medicine) The crisis or height of a disease. | Mature age; full bloom of life.
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