Acquiescent in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Acquiescent

1. I shall never be the same acquiescent being. 🔊

2. She had the laborer's tired muscles and acquiescent nerves. 🔊

How to use Acquiescent in Sentences?

1. Jackson complied with an affectation of acquiescent gayety ludicrous to behold. 🔊

2. In this election the opponents of his father's policy were acquiescent rather than content. 🔊

3. Doubtless some of the acquiescent wights entertained a vague wonder how the army contrived to fare onward bereft of his advice. 🔊

4. A mere acquiescent waiting for Fate to come and lead them into paradise is contrary to their spirit. 🔊

5. Neb was acquiescent and the boatswain and his charge were soon discussing a hearty meal with molasses, vinegar and water for a beverage instead of coffee. 🔊