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  • It only becomes something by the acquisition of form.
  • Its acquisition is incumbent upon everyone.
  • The acquisition was received with merited and general applause.
  • The children saw an opportunity here for the acquisition of sudden wealth.
  • Money is useful, because it is a means to the acquisition of goods.
  • Olga Platanova was the latest acquisition to this select circle.
  • In truth, this Lorraine acquisition does little more than secure her barrier.
  • The British press was clamoring for the acquisition of Cuba.
  • Bureau of American Republics, 301, 303. California, acquisition of, 264.

How To Use Acquisition In A Sentence?

  • He had only to realize a few certificates in his portfolio and the acquisition was settled for.
  • All definitions have been carefully avoided as tending to hamper the free acquisition of ideas.
  • As fashion is unchanging the acquisition and hoarding of garments are carried to a great extent.
  • And there are also certain stories of the discovery and acquisition of some unique objects of art.
  • In ordinary times its acquisition would add to the serious difficulties of our position.
  • Some were busied with household purchases, others with the acquisition of useful knick-knacks.
  • Every man values every acquisition he makes in the science of beauty, above his possessions.
  • Control is gained also by the acquisition of the habit of thought regarding general courses of action.
  • Though his manner in court was not particularly forcible or attractive, he was an invaluable acquisition in an important cause.
  • Many persons seem to suppose, that the chief object of an intellectual education is the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Such activities are the needful gaseous interchange, the processes of reproduction, and the acquisition of food.
  • Patrick came: and with him came a wider horizon of learning and greater facilities for the acquisition and diffusion of knowledge.
  • I was delighted to observe how much a knowledge of Latin facilitated the acquisition of the modern tongue.
  • They result at last in the acquisition of a power which in the eyes of the mystics is identical with that promised in Mark xvi.
  • Then, less peremptorily, but still with sting enough, she urges him to the acquisition of such things as belong to him.
  • This activity in treaty-making was occasioned by the acquisition of California and the rush to the gold fields by way of the isthmus.
  • Particulars first, generalizations afterwards, is, or ought to be, the order of progress in all acquisition of knowledge.
  • The acquisition of speech belongs to those physiological problems which can not be solved by the most important means possessed by physiology, vivisection.
  • Necessity compels him to devote most of his life to the acquisition of food, and to warding off the dangers which continually threaten him from other physical objects.
  • Prior to the acquisition of speech he communicated with his fellows by the aid of gestures and movement of the mouth and face; he appealed to their eyes.
  • The one in man is worshipped or cultivated by attention to health; the other by attention to mental improvement or increased acquisition of knowledge.
  • Joan first became aware of this acquisition one fine day when it appeared and reappeared and once again appeared passing the window where she sat reading.
  • If the old frontier has been rendered "invulnerable," it is not the acquisition of the Kurram Valley which has made it so.
  • The acquisition of Porto Rico and the establishment of a protectorate over Cuba were the natural outcome of that struggle.
  • The decline of the Ottoman Empire was due to the corruption of the Turks that followed acquisition of wealth.
  • The highest purpose of reading is for the acquisition of useful knowledge and personal culture, and we should keep these two aims constantly before us.
  • The acquisition of a strategical and economic safety-frontier-zone, separating Germany and Poland from Russia.
  • Thirty-four years had now elapsed since the acquisition of Alamoot, and the first establishment of the power of Hassan Sabah.
  • Only it is very important to remember that, great as any idea may be, the mental effort needed for its understanding and its acquisition is to the individual of as much moment as the idea itself.
  • Some research and observation, made in consequence of this feeling, have terminated in the acquisition of more fixed ideas, and of a practice hitherto successful.

Definition of Acquisition

The act or process of acquiring. | The thing acquired or gained; a gain. | (computing) The process of sampling signals that measure real world physical conditions and converting these signals into digital numeric values that can be manipulated by a computer.
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