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  • The acquisition of wealth was no object.
  • It only becomes something by the acquisition of form.
  • Thou art faithful in the acquisition of virtue.
  • Let this period be devoted to the acquisition of wisdom.
  • Does a trained ear help in the acquisition of touch?
  • To take one form of it, the acquisition of money.
  • Colonies, wars for the acquisition of, 10.
  • So it was with the acquisition of Louisiana.
  • The acquisition of the Seigneurie was made in 1609.
  • Give an account of the acquisition of the Oregon territory.
  • The acquisition of the Island of Cuba.
  • Province Wellesley, Acquisition of, 14.
  • It presides over the acquisition of nearly all our cognitions.
  • The acquisition of this house came through the work of the sisters.
  • The children saw an opportunity here for the acquisition of sudden wealth.
  • This exercise also conduces to the acquisition of musical sounds.
  • For our object was not the acquisition of certain small and unimportant gains.
  • Money is useful, because it is a means to the acquisition of goods.
  • These two steps terminate the acquisition of particular facts.
  • He could afford to spend no time in the acquisition of a trade.
  • The natural consequence followed the sudden acquisition of so much wealth.
  • In the acquisition of his objects, there is no fourth cause in the case of man.

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  • If boys were warned there would be no more of this innocent acquisition of disease.
  • The sudden acquisition of friends seemed to have clothed him about with sunlight.
  • He who possesses it experiences a continual longing for the acquisition of merits.
  • He has been devoted from his childhood to the acquisition of knowledge and the practice of virtue.
  • He was beginning to think that the nefarious acquisition of fees might have drawbacks after all.
  • Five hundred thousand trees have been set out since the acquisition of the land.
  • On the other hand the acquisition of the five diamonds had materially improved his prospects.
  • All definitions have been carefully avoided as tending to hamper the free acquisition of ideas.
  • My days have been spent wandering quietly over all the earth in the calm acquisition of knowledge.
  • And there are also certain stories of the discovery and acquisition of some unique objects of art.
  • We will pour liquid gold down our throats to solemnize the acquisition of solid gold.
  • Some of it was passed in the acquisition of accomplishments, notably in learning to waltz.
  • Through the standards the bad habit is broken by the abrupt acquisition of a new habit.
  • The acquisition of mates does not depend entirely upon strength and victory in battle.
  • The acquisition of a technic is only the commencement, unfortunately too many consider it the end.
  • The acquisition of the island, by purchase or otherwise, was again and again discussed.
  • Some were busied with household purchases, others with the acquisition of useful knick-knacks.
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