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  • And how she did acquit herself!
  • I should like her to acquit herself well.
  • I do not know enough to acquit or condemn him.
  • All the chivalry of his nature rose up to acquit her.
  • Shall I acquit myself?
  • And Heaven acquit them of their practises!
  • Ah, by what means can I acquit myself?
  • Oh, I acquit you completely!
  • It is true, and will acquit you with the Baron.
  • Any jury would acquit and tumble over each other to shake hands with her.
  • Him neither saint nor sinner will acquit of great wickedness.
  • I cannot acquit the demure-looking guide of complicity in this transaction.
  • How seldom does a man dare to acquit himself with pathos and fervor!
  • We mean to try you fairly, to acquit or condemn you in strict justice.
  • He waited, seeing no way as yet to acquit himself of this growing debt.
  • Nobody has ever attempted to acquit Bacon for taking bribes.
  • His conscience was not satisfied; and he should not acquit the Bishops.
  • Gramercy said the lady, and thereas I may not acquit you, God shall.

How To Use Acquit In A Sentence?

  • It was to be his introduction into society, and he was determined to acquit himself with credit.
  • You must rise to the top of your classes, and acquit yourself well in your examinations.
  • So excellently did he acquit himself on this occasion that I should like to place it on record.
  • All my hopes are, that I may acquit myself so as to gain the approbation of my husband.
  • Four weeks passed, in which Kit continued to acquit himself to the satisfaction of the manager.
  • His doing so should, at all events, acquit him of the charge of being a sour Puritan.
  • In fact it is scarcely possible to acquit him altogether of a 'quasi-Tritheism'.
  • But the matter is not difficult, to find twelve men in Newgate, who would acquit a malefactor.
  • It seems, therefore, fair to acquit Orde of a discourtesy as aimless as it would be reprehensible.
  • They were willing to acquit Mr. Keith of blame, they said, and to show their confidence in him.
  • Whom shall we acquit of inconstancy, if either Eustace or De Vallance are false?
  • Harding was so nervously anxious to acquit himself creditably, that it was not likely he would succeed.
  • She was fortunate enough to acquit herself most creditably in our presence, and received the amount in question.
  • Hence he felt quite sure that their worships would acquit him of any intention of being either harsh or unjust.
  • If the first part seemed somewhat tropical, comparison with what follows will acquit it of that demerit.
  • Even if they acquit us of any deliberate purpose, are they not at any rate entitled to say that such have been too often the results?
  • Thou mayst have fled from him in a paroxysm of wrath, but thy judgment and conscience acquit thee of wrong.
  • I had a sacred duty confided to me, and this might be as fit an occasion as could offer in which to acquit myself of the trust.
  • The rival commanders made their usual orations, exhorting the crews to acquit themselves as men and patriots.
  • To say so much only of this book would be not to attribute to it a positive merit, but only to acquit it of damning demerit.
  • It is the merest babble in him, as everyone who has ever talked an hour with him will acquit him of the least grain of humility.
  • Already, unconsciously, he was seeking to discover for his groping mind the arguments which would acquit him in his own judgment and justify him.

Definition of Acquit

(transitive) To declare or find innocent or not guilty. | (transitive) To discharge (for example, a claim or debt); to clear off, to pay off; to fulfil. | (transitive) Followed by of (and formerly by from): to discharge, release, or set free from a burden, duty, liability, or obligation, or from an accusation or charge.
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