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  • There was not a single acquittal or disagreement.
  • The result was the acquittal of the accused.
  • Now the hope of an acquittal ran high.
  • Trial and acquittal of W. Bramwell Booth.
  • He regarded a verdict of acquittal as hardly less than a personal insult.
  • The acquittal of Mr. Brown was beyond question a righteous and just act.
  • Gabinius's acquittal is looked upon as a general act of indemnity.

How To Use Acquittal In A Sentence?

  • His acquittal had vindicated his innocence and established his claim to martyrdom.
  • A second arrest on a similar charge resulted in another acquittal at Brockville.
  • Mr. Allison was honourably acquitted, and the acquittal much encouraged his belief in justice.
  • He felt no gratification at his success in gaining her acquittal which did not spring from the loftiest and most disinterested motives.
  • The chances were against his acquittal in any, and the most hopeful view he could take was imprisonment for life.
  • The fugitive began to realize how determined was the effort to capture him and how small the chance of acquittal if he were taken.
  • The acquittal of these two men means nothing more than that they were not proved guilty to the satisfaction of the juries trying them.
  • Although the jury has acquitted you, such acquittal must not be considered a license for others to go and do likewise.
  • And since his conviction or acquittal must hinge on that single question, what room was there to hope for his acquittal?
  • Day after day, hoping for the acquittal and release, one article after another went to the pawn shop.
  • At the trial his innocence of the charge was, of course, fully established, and an acquittal was the result.
  • During the week which followed Sam's acquittal nothing of especial interest occurred.
  • It was an awkward and uncomfortable situation for me; but I consoled myself by anticipating the triumphant acquittal which awaited me.
  • There was no reason why the deposition at Antioch should be accepted blindly rather than the acquittal at Rome.
  • His acquittal certainly disappointed Mary; but it only served to convince her more and more, that bigotry and justice were incompatible.
  • The only mob that almost won his tolerance was that which celebrated the acquittal of Admiral Keppel in 1779.
  • While these discussions were going on Marat gained his triumphant acquittal from the charges made against him by the Girondins.
  • It sufficed for the acquittal of this woman whose statue, the work of Praxiteles, was placed in the temple at Delphi.
  • It was not rejoicing at the escape from punishment of the guilty, that they applauded, but it was through heartfelt exultation at the acquittal of an unfortunate woman.
  • His acquittal on a more serious charge nearly nine years before might well have led him to believe that he could with impunity set the law at defiance.
  • This conduct so exasperated the judges that he was now condemned to death by a large majority, about eighty of those who had previously voted for his acquittal now voting for his execution.
  • In the case under consideration, the proceedings were conducted with exceptional disregard to propriety, and the verdict of acquittal cannot be considered as of any value whatever.
  • That investigation established the fact that money had been in the possession of persons who had been engaged in efforts to secure the acquittal of the President.
  • In the midst of these executions, rare were the gleams of mercy; few instances are upon record of any acquittal taking place when the charge was witchcraft.
  • When the trial is by friends, if the decision should happen to be favorable, the honor of the acquittal is lessened; if adverse, the condemnation is exceedingly embittered.

Definition of Acquittal

(now rare) The act of fulfilling the duties (of a given role, obligation etc.). [from 15th c.] | (law) A legal decision that someone is not guilty with which they have been charged, or the formal dismissal of a charge by some other legal process. [from 15th c.] | Payment of a debt or other obligation; reparations, amends. [from 15th c.]
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