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  • The taste is acrid and peppery.
  • Smoke filled the room with its acrid sting.
  • It is a play cruel and acrid and beautiful.
  • There was a subtle, elusive, acrid odor in the air.
  • All this came out of her like an unctuous trickle of some acrid oil.
  • He detected the acrid and pleasing odor of incense as he crossed the room.
  • But the acrid bite of the poison remained upon his tongue and in his throat.
  • They all have an acrid sap or juice, exogenous plants, with many stamens.
  • The hot metal acrid touch was the last thing he knew before death came....
  • Mrs. Reid was not cheerful; she was rather of an acrid disposition.

How To Use Acrid In A Sentence?

  • Added to this the sickening acrid smell of niter explosives filled the atmosphere.
  • And whilst the sun was roasting me in the back, the acrid smell of blood was choking me.
  • And the air had the dry, acrid tang of dust which has lain waiting for centuries.
  • The thinning, acrid air is tinged with the faint fragrance of sunburnt shrubs and grasses.
  • He was bitter, acrid with chagrin and obliteration, struggling as if to assert his own existence.
  • For another instance there is formaldehyde, an acrid smelling gas, used as a disinfectant.
  • It was this stuff, green and partly wet, which gave out the choking acrid smoke.
  • Lastly, when perfectly ripe, it develops an acrid principle, both wholesome and palatable.
  • The wind blew his hair bewilderingly into his eyes; the hot, acrid dust filled his throat.
  • The acrid odour of her flesh reached Cyrus, but he made no movement to draw away from her.
  • I was wakened by the pungent acrid smell of smoke, and I sat up and blinked my eyes open.
  • But my eyes fall on a piece of porcelain and I smell the acrid odours of China.
  • The flowers are white and small, and are succeeded by acrid berries of the size and colour of small cherries.
  • The warm, acrid fragrance of the hills was drawn intermittently across the cooler level of the shadowy road.
  • The heat was suffocating, and acrid fumes assailed his nostrils and burned his eyes until he almost cried out in pain.
  • Few yards of trail but had their distinguishable scent, whether violent, acrid smell or delectable fragrance.
  • In the case of the newt it is evidently an acrid or other disagreeable secretion, which would cause any animal to repent that took it in its mouth.
  • The match burnt blue and went out quickly; the cigarette gave him a mouthful of acrid smoke, and also failed.
  • But the sharp, acrid smoke of trees left smouldering behind still kept them in exquisite, blinded torture.
  • A green timber will give an acrid and moist smoke, but demands the consumption of a certain amount of dry timber in addition if it is to be used.
  • The trunk is straight and thick, and is armed with short prickles; the branches start from the top, and abound with an acrid juice.
  • But resistance only exasperates the acrid fool, who believes that Nature and gravitation are quite wrong, and he only is right.
  • So he and Natalie strode on ahead, pausing here and there to pick the delicious acrid mooseberries, and discussing their problems.
  • He flung bursts of spouting, acid-filled lead at the defenseless planes, and saw two of them collapse in shrouds of acrid white smoke.
  • The acrid fumes, too, which came from it, seemed to tighten my throat, making respiration very difficult for some ten minutes afterwards.
  • If green and acrid stools make their appearance, accompanied by emaciation and vomiting, the milk must be more diluted, and given less frequently.
  • This is a great mistake, for these Pills will correct the liver and stomach, and thus remove all the acrid humors from the system.
  • All parts of this tree abounds in a milky, acrid juice, which drops freely upon breaking off the least part, or making the slightest incision.
  • So I would have sworn in perfect faith; and for several minutes the street was full of acrid smoke, to bear me out.
  • All the olives were gathered, and the mills were going night and day, making a great, acrid scent of olive oil in preparation, by the lake.

Definition of Acrid

Sharp and harsh, or bitter and not to the taste; pungent. | Causing heat and irritation; corrosive. | Caustic; bitter; bitterly irritating.
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