Across in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Across

1. Gray walked slowly across to him. 🔊

2. It fluttered across his path. 🔊

3. He looked across at the horse. 🔊

4. He darted across the grass. 🔊

5. Maids came and went across the courtyard. 🔊

6. I have not come across a better man than he was. 🔊

7. He passed his hand across his eyes. 🔊

8. A large scar runs right across his forehead. 🔊

9. My slaves are impatient to stretch their whips across your shoulders. 🔊

10. After a few seconds my grandmother rose and toddled across the room. 🔊

11. I can see those figures with entire distinctness across this abyss of time. 🔊

12. He was hardly conscious of fatigue as he pressed across the sandy waste. 🔊

13. I had just come across those "long nines" a few days or a week before. 🔊

14. Gridley carried it across California and sold it at various towns. 🔊

15. As she followed Bruce across the room her face was glowing with rosy hope. 🔊

How to use Across in Sentences?

1. Gray soothed it as well as he could, and then went out once more to look across the plain. 🔊

2. He brushed his hand across his eyes and said meekly that he would submit, being friendless. 🔊

3. He had come back to the house across the garden, and found her sitting in the shady verandah. 🔊

4. I closer clasped my sixpences, neatly folded in paper, and sped across the office. 🔊

5. An hour after, Gray was riding swiftly across the plains on his way to the station. 🔊