Across It In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Across It | Across It Sentence

  • Stumbled across it quite by accident.
  • Someone was heard walking across it.
  • I mean to be across it before the moon is up.
  • I come across it yesterday.
  • Then he fell across it and kind of wriggled out.
  • Hear the sad whisper of the wind across it!
  • Very high logs were lying across it.
  • The moans from the dungeons below rose across it all.
  • In several places saplings had blown across it.
  • The lion trail led straight across it and on.
  • He passed his hand across it in a dazed way.
  • Belts of thick steam drifted across it in places.
  • She stepped closer to the counter and leaned across it.
  • A smoking sear had appeared as if by magic across it.
  • The barricade across it was thirty feet in height.
  • After-part of the body has yellow bars across it.
  • Then slabs were nailed across it to form the two bunks.
  • Half-way across it stood the colossal statue of a woman.
  • The bridge looks like a ribbon stretched across it.
  • The door was there, a locking bar across it.
  • Stepping across it, he found himself in the next garden.
  • They were going down the river this time, not across it.
  • It was closed, and a curtain was drawn across it.
  • He was facing the water; he seemed to be staring across it.
  • Glancing across it, the girl felt a curious thrill.
  • Two big horses carrying two big men shot across it.
  • Grandfather Mole had swum almost across it.
  • Then how shall I get taken across it?
  • Whenever I come across it, it has such an effect upon me!
  • But we haven't come across it.
  • Across it a plank had been placed for the convenience of fishermen and others.
  • Then a number of sticks were tied from pole to pole across it.
  • My own three previous transits across it were made in this month.
  • I couldn't help coming across it.
  • Reaching the barn floor the girl dashed across it to the opposite side.
  • It was too deep for him to wade across it, and too swift for him to swim it.
  • There was her desk, the afternoon shadows falling across it.

How To Use Across It In A Sentence?

  • Wes had been across it once before and did not possess much optimism with which to comfort us.
  • Ramon passed through a narrow hallway into a courtyard and across it to his room.
  • That evening an officer of theirs walked across it and was shot by the sentinel.
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