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  • But what does he act that way for?
  • Religion is not an act that can be performed by proxy.
  • It is the best and wisest act that you could do for her.
  • It was the second act that now defied his efforts.
  • I leave it to any one: a boat would never act that way.
  • Men act that way, by Maysie Greig, pseud.
  • I should like to see you act that, TIFF.
  • How do circumstances affect the kind of act that will be successful?
  • It is the angel-aim and standard in an act that consecrates it.
  • Sure it must be dreadful to have nerves that act that way to you.
  • Some principle is exemplified in every act that man performs.
  • We need so to live and act that we shall not fail to be happy.
  • It was this act that his comrades rightly attributed to mental perturbation.
  • Bind us by every act that brings assurance to the doubting mind.
  • This one may be the final act that will bring on interstellar war.
  • The act that a man does is done by one particular part of that man.
  • If we act that way, the other fellows are apt to follow suit.
  • I regret to say that my last act that day was one of petty larceny!
  • Yet it is, too, the final act that gives value to all that have preceded it.
  • Perhaps I have a mind to do some wild rash act that will beggar me.
  • This is the last act that we can ascribe to the great Median king.
  • It is said that when the doctor announced in the third act that Mme.
  • Oh for the Act that infants from contracts may shake themselves free!
  • These banks were established under an act that went into effect June 25, 1910.
  • But to act, that each to-morrow Find us farther than to-day.
  • He wouldn't act that way, fellers, except that there's something gone wrong.
  • What was God a-thinkin' of, t' allow the created world to act that awful?

How To Use Act That In A Sentence?

  • Certainly he ought not so to act that laws become necessary to keep him from being laughed at.
  • It seemed an unhallowed act that rough sailors should venture into such spiritual precincts.
  • So intent was he on this futile but human act, that he did not observe his audience above.
  • Surely she had been schooled in their warped view of justice, as her act that day proved.
  • Unconsciously I had performed an act that had placed a light between me and them.
  • We are so made that once we perform any act, that particular thing is ever afterward easier to do.
  • Suicide with a Chinaman is an act that is recorded in his honour rather than to his opprobrium.
  • What could they think her like, to have given any man a right to act that way toward her?
  • There is no act that an angry man may not do, no word that an angry man may not utter.
  • Every act that tends to neatness round a dwelling, tends to the creating of a mass of manure.
  • A practical judgment implies both means and end, the act that completes, and the completeness.
  • Many a man has had the cross of Honour for an act that called for less calm courage.
  • These two sentiments do not qualify the act that I have just done, since they follow it.
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