Act Upon In A Sentence

Definition of Act Upon

To take action on the basis of information received or deduced.

How To Use Act Upon In A Sentence?

  • But these substances in turn act upon each other to form iron and steam once more.
  • Penny had resolved to act upon her hunch that there was a trapdoor on the bottom of the pool.
  • He had to do that, although he would have preferred to act upon his own initiative.
  • Calumny becomes harmless and defeats itself when it attempts to act upon too large a scale.
  • Representatives of the public might act upon these boards or councils in advisory capacity.
  • He seemed to act upon the principle that the strong should bear the burthens of the weak.
  • No sooner had the thought entered the head of the wayward girl than she proceeded to act upon it.
  • Germany makes proclamations that act upon the mind as the frost acts upon plants.
  • I wish to show the world that this is so, and that my soldiers believe it and will act upon it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Act Upon | Act Upon Sentence

  • He decided to act upon his own initiative.
  • They act upon their own pleasure in the matter.
  • When you meet him act upon his instructions.
  • It was only the courage she needed now to act upon it.
  • Dane was ready to act upon any suggestion.
  • Argyle was the first to act upon this contract.
  • I shall act upon that assumption.
  • Doubtless it is not interdicted us to act upon another.
  • The chief was prompt to act upon the suggestion.
  • He repeated this act upon the obdurate lower half.
  • No man could act upon your word alone.
  • Whatever information the paper gives, act upon it at once.
  • Honour will be theirs who act upon this appeal....
  • Stimuli act upon the psyche, and it must react to them.
  • These organs are attached to, and act upon the bones.
  • Caprice, temper, accident, all act upon him.
  • The Board meet to-morrow to act upon it.
  • No, I do not expect you to act upon it.
  • Take my counsel, happy man: Act upon it, if you can!
  • And I presume I may act upon their advice?
  • The Sub-Prefect felt that he must act upon this news.
  • Why haven't you the courage to act upon your conviction?
  • We proceeded at once to act upon it for the undoing of one of our comrades.
  • But it was not this man's nature to act upon impulse.
  • She seemed to act upon him as a kind of mental and spiritual tonic.
  • Well, why don't you act upon the suggestion?
  • No further warning was necessary, and they hastened to act upon this one.
  • The non-commissioned officer thought it best to act upon the suggestion.
  • What organized appliance have our cities anywhere to act upon young men?
  • My son knows my sentiments, and will doubtless act upon them.
  • It was not convenient to the Professor to act upon the offer.

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