Acted As In A Sentence

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  • You acted as if you did.
  • That was why she had acted as she had.
  • She acted as if she had forgotten him.
  • Never have they acted as one.
  • This acted as the receiver.
  • He acted as if he felt himself an intruder.
  • He acted as a capital guard.
  • Nelson acted as though he had not heard.
  • He acted as a messenger of the gods.
  • The women acted as attendants.
  • The sailor acted as if he was puzzled.
  • Rochester appears to have acted as if he thought so.
  • Pierson acted as though he did not bear.
  • She acted as if she felt ashamed of me.
  • The letter acted as a tonic.
  • Lasalle had acted as an absorbent and usurped it at all.
  • These worthies acted as his secretaries.
  • Anyway, he acted as if he did.
  • The governor who acted as president had no vote.
  • The lightning-conductor acted as a flagstaff.
  • It reflects much credit on him that he acted as he did.
  • But she acted as though she knew it by heart.
  • However, it only acted as a stimulant.
  • That you have acted as few men would have done.
  • Frank acted as if someone had cut his power.
  • She almost acted as if she had known it all along.
  • One man acted as lookout for ice.
  • The police officer acted as prosecutor.
  • Three of his five years there he acted as vicar.
  • He acted as if it was, anyway.
  • She acted as if something had occurred to upset her.
  • They simply acted as it is the nature of explorers to act.
  • He acted as one would well expect of him.
  • Her husband acted as if equally unaware of this event.
  • My son has acted as a man of honour ought.

How To Use Acted As In A Sentence?

  • Kazuma acted as would a man double his years.
  • W. acted as interpreter and found that very fatiguing.
  • The beauty of the night acted as a spur to his senses.
  • She acted as though she wanted to see your horses.
  • A ring made of the mountain ash acted as a talisman.
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