Actuary In A Sentence

Definition of Actuary

(dated) Registrar, clerk. [16th-19th c.] | A professional who calculates financial values associated with uncertain events subject to risk, such as insurance premiums or pension contributions.

How To Use Actuary In A Sentence?

  • He finally became an actuary at London and was prominent in radical associations.
  • It is on such observations that the actuary founds his estimates of the mortality that exists at any given period of life.
  • An actuary may be allowed to be accurate in this matter, of which I was reminded by what an actuary wrote of another actuary.
  • Now the results must be very regular, to justify the actuary in speaking of Mortality as governed by Laws.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Actuary | Actuary Sentence

  • The actuary tells you that he has been guided by the Laws of Mortality.

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