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  • It is in the vividness of the sense of this presence that the acuteness of religion consists.
  • Mention an instance of astonishing acuteness of smell in some of the higher orders of animals.
  • Such enlarged views are rarely to be found combined with such acuteness and discrimination.
  • One could see that the natural acuteness of his hearing was little impaired by years.
  • Her quick wit bewildered him; her outspoken acuteness of discernment offended him.
  • He watched through the day, with all the acuteness of jealousy, discovering nothing.
  • He was fully dressed, but lacking his shoes, as she noted in the acuteness of her startled senses.
  • It is not genius, it is not extraordinary subtlety, or acuteness of intellect, that is important.
  • The acuteness of hearing indispensable for repeating the sounds is therefore present before the ability to repeat.
  • Now he wanted to establish his ability, to demonstrate the acuteness of hearing for which he was famous.
  • His countenance has a serene manliness about it when in repose, and great acuteness and vivacity when animated.
  • I find in my brief notes of this well-remembered time many records of the extraordinary acuteness won for a while by the senses.
  • This angle is very much diminished by our artificial head-dresses, and to the detriment of acuteness of hearing.
  • Moreover, by the thoroughness, acuteness and sincerity of his reasoning he powerfully stimulates the intellectual faculties.
  • The natural quickness of her capacity, and the early acuteness of her mind, now began to manifest themselves.
  • This increased acuteness naturally gives its possessor the power to receive impressions which would otherwise escape record.
  • Her dignity as a married woman, and the reality of her grief, revolted against the shallow acuteness of the schoolgirl.
  • It will be said, however, that we in our civilized life, have no need of any such acuteness of sense.
  • Sometimes this sense seems to possess a morbid degree of acuteness in respect to odors, which is highly inconvenient and even dangerous.
  • But in such instances, the great size of the brain, and the acuteness of the mind, are the results of morbid growth.
  • Such acuteness is often the result of some need, and, unless consciously preserved, will vanish with the need.
  • The crimes of Ivan grew more and more terrible, and yet his acuteness was such that they can hardly be inscribed to insanity.
  • To a mind of rare scientific acuteness and endowments, he added an active and fertile imagination, and great youthfulness of spirit.
  • You know I am not one to confound acuteness and rapidity of intellect with real genius; but he is for those an extraordinary child.
  • In general, however, when dogs surprise us, as they frequently do, it is by the delicacy and acuteness of their perceptive powers.
  • The latter was a man very similar in age and appearance to Doull, though his countenance betokened far less acuteness and intelligence.
  • For, be it clearly and constantly remembered, that the greatness of a poet depends upon the two faculties, acuteness of feeling, and command of it.
  • The Indian shows no want of acuteness in detecting the characteristic vices, whether real or imaginary, of the civilized world.
  • In time he was ready to guess of his own acuteness that the 'strange cavalier' could have been no other than Colonel Poltermore.
  • The acuteness of that sorrow had long since passed away, and the tenderness in his nature had diffused itself over the children that her love had given him.
  • In classical acquirements, Maitland was already little inferior to his friend; and, if he had less imagination, he had more acuteness and sagacity.
  • In some of the higher orders of the inferior animals, there is an astonishing acuteness of smell in regard to effluvia that come from living animals.
  • I had been associated with him temporarily in one case as his assistant, and had then been deeply impressed by his versatile learning, his acuteness and his marvellous resourcefulness.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Acuteness | Acuteness Sentence

  • On what does acuteness of smell depend?
  • His acuteness of perception is never at fault.
  • Only an eye of uncommon acuteness would note him.
  • The acuteness of his fright drove away the faintness.
  • She had no desire for tears, no acuteness of sensation.
  • A look of great acuteness had settled upon the face of the young coroner.
  • Democrates had great respect for the acuteness of that Asiatic.

Definition of Acuteness

The quality of being acute or pointed | (of the senses or feelings) The faculty of precise discernment or perception; sensitiveness | Shrillness; high pitch; – said of sounds.
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